TNK-Uvat has opened a new oil field in the Tyumen region

LLC "TNK-Uvat" has opened a new field — North Keumskoe in the Uvat district of the Tyumen region. Recoverable oil reserves of C1 + C2 reserves of 2.4 million tons.

Industrial oil flow was obtained in exploration well number 64 from the formation BS-8 (Neocomian) in the North-Keumskom license area.

The opening of the new field shows the high potential of Uvat and creates conditions for further growth in oil production, the report said, "Rosneft", which on March 21 acquired a 100% stake in TNK-BP.

Uvat group of fields located in the south of the Tyumen region. Currently Uvat project operated by the LLC "TNK-Uvat" is a group of 12 licensed blocks and includes 22 fields, four of which are already in operation. Their geological reserves are estimated at 1.2 billion tons of oil.

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