Tonar boasted innovations

At the end of January in the territory of "Tonar" was a large-scale presentation of the latest models of trailers. The audience at the event, guests were presented in action sliding container Thonar-974629, capable of carrying one or two 20-foot and 30 -, 40 — and even 45-foot containers. After the test run, this versatile semi moved into the category of serial production. Another novelty of the enterprise became semi-uglevoz Thonar-974618, first aired in the summer of 2011. Since June last year, it is tested in the Kemerovo region in the transportation of coal and in the Belgorod region in the transportation of sugar beet. Now it will go to the semi-field trials in Mongolia. Another important novelty — a semi-truck Thonar 95236-carrying capacity 65 tons dropside. It represents half of a special train carrying capacity of 130 tons, intended for transportation of Mongolian coal. The intention of the entire combination will consist of a tractor "Tonar", coupled with the present semi-trailer and towing a trailer, based on the dolly ("Dolly"). As these trains are widely used in Australia, the relief which is close to the Mongolian, designers MZ "Tonar" in preparation sovey model resorted to Australian experts.

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