Torrents letter

Serge cute! How nice that you have in the world. Learning about for you, I every day, as if the first time, looking forward to a date. Thank God, you're an adult and you and I can not allow myself to meet a tight fit, without fear of the parents or the law — in 18 years you can.

Pricey you do not be afraid, I I wish for you to confess something. So it was that I had to meet a tight fit you with all your friends — but you'll forgive me, dear, is not it? — because all the same to my selection braked for you. Surely, this is because you are not like all — you're the only one who did not know me closely.

Sergei, I wish to make your teenage years the unforgettable. Maybe it sounds to me spring — You never know, it really looks like the call of spring. Serge! On this solemn day I ask you one thing — to come to visit me, because it happens so rarely. But I am a glimmer of hope that with this visit, our meetings will be the same.

From the bottom of your soul, the district military commissariat

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