Tractor Plants develop the production of automotive components


In August 2011, the "Cheboksary Aggregate Works" (PEA), which is under the control of "Concern" Tractor Plants »(Machinery &Industrial Group NV), mastered and put into mass production of new products — the clutch plates for the automotive market.
One of the new products — new clutch plate 14.1601130 M2 for KAMAZ trucks with motor 740. The friction on the drive consists of three pairs of sectors with metal plates of the company «Wellman» (USA). Wear plates of one of the most important parts of transmission truck is 3-4 times higher compared to traditional materials. The coefficient of friction at the updated slave drive above about 1.5 times, which makes the clutch assembly insensitive to high temperatures at slip.
The second novelty, mastered by PEA, the clutch disc BVZ 97.22.71K — a new development engineers "Concern" Tractor plants "- an element of the transmission to the engine PAZ D245. The friction on the drive is available in 2 versions: asbestos or non-asbestos ellipse — wound.
Both discs are designed for busy machines working in extreme conditions. The design feature is to provide a clutch friction torque damper through hardened steel components, thus achieving high stability of the damper settings during its lifetime. The use of advanced materials in the manufacture of linings in the clutch disc provides reliable, trouble-free performance clutches in the most demanding and extreme conditions.

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