Tractor plants have developed a wheeled tractor drawbar category 2, which has no analogues in Russia

Experts of the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (JSC "SKBM" Kurgan) together with JSC "Kurgan", a prototype model of agricultural wheeled tractors with 160 hp, which has no analogues in Russia.


The project to build a tractor with the working title AGROMASH 160TK developed a fundamentally new for the Russian manufacturers PowerShift transmission with electro-hydraulic control. The main advantage is the ability of the transmission to change gears under load. The proposed JSC "SKBM" original kinematics of the powertrain has earned high praise specialist firm Ricardo UK ltd. Bosch Rexroth and advanced engineering companies, with whom was being developed.

The new universal — tractors in its technical parameters, environmental and ergonomic performance will match the best European tractors. This was achieved through broad cooperation structures Concern "Tractor plants" and the use of components from well-known foreign companies. Creating a tractor AGROMASH TK-2-160, including the transmission and front axle to it, is the result of collaborative and productive work of designers, engineers and workers of Concern — SKBM, Kurgan, Ltd. GSKB, Ltd. MIKONT, "Promtractor Promlit" Zauralsky Forge foundry (ZKLZ), Cheboksary power units (CHZSA), Volgograd Engineering Company (WFC "VgTZ") Promtractor.

The main advantages of the tractor AGROMASH TK-2-160, according to the developers, are:

1. AGROMASH TK-2-160 — Tractor national design, meeting international standards for ecology and ergonomics, created with the Russian and foreign experience of the world, which is 80% of the parts and components of its own production.
2. Thanks to modern transmissions, tractor AGROMASH TK-2-160 will be the most progressive tractor in its class. PowerShift transmission provides optimal choice of 48 gears (with creeper) and maximum traction machine for each type works. Thus tractor speed is 40 km / h, and in certain engine operating modes can achieve 50 km / h
3. The unique multi-functional system for tractor, developed with the participation of the world leaders in this field — Ricardo and Bosch Rexroth, meet modern ergonomic requirements and provides high performance with low fuel consumption. The control system will provide the tractor gear and ranges in three modes: manual shifting and range manual ranging and auto-shifting, fully automatic shifting and range (except the first range).
4. Mounted on a modern tractor engine SISU 66CTA-4V, meets Tier3. The motor can run on a mixture containing up to 100%, of biofuel Biodiesel (B100).
The prototype tractor was introduced in Kurgan in the square before the Palace Engineering, where the ceremony took place on September 8th Prize award "golden frames" Concern "Tractor plants" 2011 ".

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