Tractor Plants presented a new technique for Emergencies

"CHETRA Forest" on the "Day of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Innovations 2013" presented a unique development in the field of forest fire management and specialized equipment the Russian Emergencies Ministry.


On the basis of the "All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection" (Balashikha) CHETRA demonstrates mini loader CHETRA MKSM 800A-CDS with remote control. The unique technology for the domestic market was created on the basis of serial mini-loaders CHETRA MKSM 800A.

New domestic mini-excavator operated unattended by remote control. Presented at the "Day of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of innovation — 2013" CHETRA MKSM 800A-CDS is designed to carry out rescue operations in confined spaces and in harsh environments. Skid steer loaders are equipped with interchangeable keypads and working tools: different types of grips, hydraulic scissors and a hammer with which to perform analysis of debris and opening car in an accident.

Additional equipment also includes a device for clearance and handling of dangerous goods. CHETRA MKSM — 800A — CDS can monitor the location (nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance). The complex can be enabled portable detector for sampling and analysis of water, soil. A wide range of modified excavator buckets and other attachments can be mini-loader indispensable in the area of emergency situations, when loading and moving of soil and loose rocks, digging holes and trenches, and drilling.

Together with JSC "Institute of Steel" mini-excavator has developed a unique composition of ISI, allowing technology to work in areas of fire up to 1200 degrees Celsius. Design CHETRA MKSM — 800A — SDE allows you to replace in a short time wheel running gear on caterpillar.

Along with the mini-truck on the "Day of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of innovation 2013" company CHETRA Forest is the latest model of forest fire tractor "Onezhets-310", an upgraded for operation in areas of forest fires, designed for fighting and preventing fires.

The machine is fit to fight forest fires in inaccessible places mechanically, as well as localization of forest fires by laying barrier and the supporting bands, extinguishing fires edges with water, foam or fire extinguishing emulsions, as well as for the production of other forest management activities. Also tractor "Onezhets-310" can be used as a pumping station for water supply.

Emergency specialists are also demonstrated innovation of "Institute of Steel": a light suit for clearance, protects the body, body armor with protection against radiation, as well as the latest explosion-proof fuel tanks and gas cylinders.

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