Tractor plants produce new versions of Onezhtsa

The new model of the family of tracked vehicles — "Onezhets 392" with a turning tipper body — prepared to test the Onega Tractor Plant (Petrozavodsk, is part of the Concern "Tractor plants") in December of this year.

It will be indispensable in the regeneration of forest roads, quarries and construction and road facilities. Moving through plowed fields, tracked vehicle will not harm the fertile layer of soil, and therefore will be in demand from farmers for delivery to the field of fertilizers and other bulk materials. Tipper "Onezhets 392" expands range of Petrozavodsk technology for tractor-loggers and foresters, forest firefighters, farmers and signalers, construction, utility and road services.
In 2012, tractor-from Petrozavodsk began to produce about six new versions of track "Onezhtsev" with drilling and crane, welding and other process equipment. New modifications of the Onega Tractor Plant indispensable in the field, facilitate the work of communicators and installation of Power transmission line poles in remote areas to help rural ameliorators and foresters to drill boreholes and equip wells. To help the rangers will mower to grind logging residues, branches and other litter the fields and forest debris. This will not only reduce the risk of devastating forest fires, but also care about the environment and environmental "lungs" of our planet. "

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