Tractor plants supplying equipment forest fire

49 crawler tractors AGROMASH 90TG receive forest fire service Russian regions — reported in the sales of the company "CHETRA Forest."

Delivery of equipment is carried out in the framework of public policies to strengthen the fight against forest fires. AGROMASH 90TG will fill in the Russian province of machine-tractor fleet of fire-chemical stations are 3 types of Krasnodar, Samara, Smolensk, Bashkortostan, Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Chechnya, Kaluga, Bryansk, the coastal state and federal forest fire services.
Tracked vehicles are also expected in the Jewish Autonomous Region, in the Tula and Amur regions, which in the next few days to intercede to "alert."

Far East sent eight tractors to replenish chemical fire stations Amur. Maybe because it made the choice in favor of that AGROMASH 90TG, "descendant" of the legendary Soviet tractor DT-75, inherited from the "ancestor" of running system reliability and maintainability in the field, unpretentiousness to climatic extremes and the ability to work in any weather "whim." At the request of the customer to install the Altai car engine A-41SI-01 or D-245.5S2 Belarusian or motor Finnish SISU 44DTA. This four-stroke liquid-cooled, turbocharged, air cooled, with direct engine electric start. By the way, the real power of domestic and imported engines exceed stated in documents 90 "horses".

AGROMASH 90TG dubbed the "multi-purpose vehicle" for the issue on the basis of 75 major modifications to the tractor. For example, in a forest firefighters required equipment on zvenchatyh tracks with open metal joints. Another peat need a car modification with increased track width 1570 mm instead of 1330. Track shoes — "swamp" indispensable to extinguish peat sunburnt or preventive work on flammable parts of peat development.

Customers in the face of government agencies have taken into account the fact that the last modification VgTZ aggregated with more than 100 mounted, semi-mounted and trailed implements. On AGROMASH 90TG install industrial equipment: crane to parse forest or removing the dam collapsed in the forest of steel construction. Tractor successfully paving the fire and barrage mineralized strips.

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