Tractor Plants trigger the production technology AGROMASH in Saransk

JSC "SAREX" under the management of the company "Concern" Tractor Plants "(included in the Machinery &Industrial Group NV), in 2012, is launching a reliable and proven wheeled tractors AGROMASH ranging from 30 to 85 horsepower.


Due to constantly introduce advanced production technology and high quality control and customer, JSC "SAREX" is constantly expanding as the geography of supplies and range of products.

Since 2012, "Concern" Tractor plants "it was decided to start the production of wheeled vehicles" AGROMASH "with capacity of 30 to 85 horsepower in Saransk.

Universal wheeled row crop tractor "AGROMASH" issued earlier

only VMTZ, have proven themselves as reliable technique, which has obvious advantages. In the first ten days of December 2011 under the brand name appliances "AGROMASH" hit the streets of Vladimir, leaving far behind other manufacturers and competitors.

Wheeled vehicles' AGROMASH "is equipped with GLONASS system, the voice of the fault reporting and other advanced technologies. Tests have shown that the data wheel tractors are highly effective and easy to manage. They are intended for tillage, sowing, planting vegetables, care for crops, inter-row cultivation of vegetable crops and orchards, hay, farm work, general transport work.

This line of wheeled tractors equipped with a rigid frame 2-door cab, providing normal operating conditions in different climatic zones, and operator safety. The cabin has a heater and the unit lights, sun visor, a hanger for clothes and a place in the thermos for drinking water.

The tractor AGROMASH 30TK mounted two-cylinder, while the tractor AGROMASH (50TK, 60TK) three-cylinder four-stroke air-cooled diesel engine with direct fuel injection and mixed lubrication, dry-loaded single disc clutch with an additional disk drive to the PTO, mechanical reverse transmission with six gears forward and reverse slow motion and two additional gears forward.

Wheeled tractor "AGROMASH" (30TK, 50TK, 60TK, 85 TC) are able to aggregate with various attachments, since it is equipped with the rear of the SOT. Coupling devices connected to the fork of the cross bar.

In the case of slipping, the front axle is automatically activated when excessive slip of rear drive wheels on and off while reducing slippage. In addition, the tractors have rear PTO with independent drive, hydrostatic steering control (HSU) with adjustable angle and height of the column wheel.

An important advantage of the technique of "AGROMASH" is that the construction of this line of tractors lets you change the track to handle a variety of cultivated crops.

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