Transas dynamic positioning simulator upgrades in PG MYFF them. adm. Makarov

Group "Transas" signed a contract to upgrade the simulator dynamic positioning (DP) in one of the largest educational institutions in the field of water transport. As a result of modernization taking place in the framework of long-term cooperation with the university, the simulator will meet the latest requirements of The Nautical Institute (UK).

Dynamic Positioning Simulators "Transas" allow effective training in the use of the DP system, including at work on the development of the Arctic shelf. The demand for highly skilled operators AP today is growing significantly due to the expansion of the specialized fleet supply vessels, piping and cable layers, modern tankers, multipurpose icebreakers, semi-submersible drilling platforms and vessels engaged in offshore drilling. As a result of modernization "Makarovka" will be ready to provide the personnel component of the modern Russian fleet at the highest level.

The newest version of the simulator dynamic positioning "Transas" was developed in full compliance with the latest requirements of The Nautical Institute to simulators of this type. To date, Marine Training Centre GUMRF is the only Russian complex having international accreditation by DP.

"We work in close cooperation with international organizations and constantly monitor the upgrade requirements to the standards of training for the marine industry,- Says the head of Maritime Department of the Group "Transas" Andrew Belentev. —All simulators Group "Transas" provides training in accordance with the latest international criteria. "

As part of the modernization of experts "Transas" to install the latest version of the software update and will also hold the hardware simulator, in particular will be replaced by the system controls DP. In addition, the simulator will set new models of ships that will broaden the range of opportunities for training.

"Updating the dynamic positioning simulator will be held as part of the planned upgrade for 2013 simulators Marine Training Center, University of,
— Sergey Aizin, Chief of the Maritime UTC GUMRF them. adm. Makarov. —Installed on the machineMathaticheskie model of supply vessels of various types and the semi-submersible drilling rig, equipped with DP-2 equipment will be used to provide training on the basic course DP (DPInduction) And gym at the rate (DPSimulation). "

The contract for the modernization of the simulator of the DP system is a continuation of cooperation Groups "Transas" and the State University of Maritime and River Fleet them. adm. Makarov (up to 2012 — State Maritime Academy. Adm. Makarov). Marine Training Centre of the University has one of the most complete lines of marine simulators Group "Transas": Set in the heart of several navigation simulators, two GMDSS simulator, engine room simulators and cargo ballast operations VTS simulator and a specialized class of operator training ECDIS. In addition, in 2012, as part of the Murmansk branch "Makarovka" in it were installed GMDSS simulators, radar / ARPA and ECDIS.

Dynamic positioning systemprovides automatic tracking of ships and drilling platforms at the same point relative to the ground without anchoring. Special distribution systems on ships were used to carry out work on the development of the Arctic shelf. These systems are widely used in offshore drilling, with zavozke anchors, dredging, laying of cables and pipelines, the mooring of vessels, etc.

Group "Transas"— A famous Russian designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of on-board electronics, marine, and aviation training and other innovative, high-tech products for civilian, military and dual-purpose.

The company was founded in 1990 in St. Petersburg. Total staff of enterprises in the Group "Transas" Today, more than 2,000 people. The distribution network of representative offices in 130 countries. The company is headquartered in St. Petersburg. The production is certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001.

Marine Training Center of the State University of Maritime and River Fleet them. adm. Makarovis one of the largest educational and research centers in the Russian industry. In the MTC have trained more than 11,000 professionals in the year, and conducts research and development on the basis of modern computer technology.

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