Transas equipped Akademik Treshnikov

"Transas" equip a new research vessel "Akademik Treshnikov", built on the "Admiralty Shipyards" commissioned by the Agency Expeditionary Fleet of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet).


The equipment manufactured and supplied by the company for "Academica Treshnikov" includes:

  • set of radio communication (GMDSS communications with aviation, communications with the expedition)
  • navigation equipment (radar system, electronic chart display and information system, an ice radar, the GLONASS system, gyrocompass, satellite compass to navigate at high latitudes).

Also as part of the project the "Transas" set means internal communication systems, satellite television and broadband data transmission, designed for use in high latitudes. Special attention was given to the supply of scientific equipment. Set by "Transas" scientific equipment allows for a wide range of research projects on board the vessel, and in particular:

  • determine the actual ice loads in critical / dangerous areas of the hull to correct calculations of strength of hull structures. Identify the "moment" on the shaft for the calculation of Economy Mode propulsion system;
  • produce bathymetric surveys at depths of up to 10 thousand meters, with further mapping the depths;
  • determine the density of the soil, its structure, sunk into the ground to detect objects. Produce a variety of engineering surveys for geological, archaeological, environmental studies;
  • obtain maps of the distribution of currents and suspended particles throughout the water column;
  • receive weather maps of various meteorological satellites for weather forecasting and assessment of the situation. The weather station will provide first-class researchers information on meteorological conditions along the route navigation and climate research in the region as a whole;
  • perform sampling water from depths of up to 6 thousand meters. Chemical analysis of water samples. Identifying properties of the water in real time (temperature, conductivity, turbidity, content of hydrogen, oxygen, chlorophyll);
  • perform extraction, refining, storage material (ice, etc.) for research. Perform the preparation of samples for research;
  • Mobile containerized laboratories equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out scientific work, will allow more timely complete the expedition, depending on the nature of the research;
  • installed system opto-electronic surveillance can be used to ensure the safety of navigation and cargo handling, search and rescue operations and surveillance in high-risk areas for ice observations. The main purpose of the system is to determine the location, shape and size of oil spills, control of oil pollution. This system is installed on the Russian ship for the first time.

A distinctive feature of this project for the company "Transas" were:

  • high performance requirements of equipment (such as equipment installed on open deck should function properly at temperatures down to -40 ° C);
  • high ice class vessel and the need to install complex on the basis of the hydrographic multibeam with "ice protection";
  • the union on the bridge of information from scientific equipment, along with navigation equipment that allows you to quickly to gather scientific information.

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