TRANSMASH upgraded the machine to screw piles


Experts Omsk Transport Machine-Building Design Bureau completed the development of a new machine for screwing piles SES-219. Unlike the old modifications, the new facility is capable of drilling to increase the depth of 18 meters. Similar technology is available only in Japan.

The first samples of installation specialists of "design bureau" specially developed three years ago for the construction of Omsk "Montazhstroysvyaz." This company was built by microwave links Urengoy — Iamburg, Birch — Salehard and others. Even then, customers have signed with Omsk "TRANSMASH" agreement on the modernization of the machine.

And the order is executed. The system is designed for mechanization of construction of pile foundations anchor various ground structures erected in thawed, frozen and collapsible rocky soil.

The specialists of "design bureau" increased depth of screwing piles from 15 to 18 meters. A special drill is capable of any of the surface soil to get solid ground at a depth. Also, the designers have expanded several technological installation options. This technology is unique. While that similar units produce only Japanese firms.

Multifunction machine can drill vertical wells with a diameter 219 or 325 mm to a depth of 18 m in thawed and frozen soils, and screw piles, both vertically and at an angle of 45 degrees. The new development has a dual purpose, both military and civilian, have informed the government of the region.

Screw piles avoid unwanted ground vibrations that are harmful to other buildings, as well as to reduce the noise level in the work. These piles are effective in the big cities, in the construction of power transmission line, gas and oil pipelines and platforms, especially in the northern parts of the country.

— Compared with the usual pile, its modification does not screw loosens, and vice versa, tamp, — the press-service of the company. — Machine ISM-219 allows you to build a more solid foundation.

The materials company states that the machine is able to carry out ground explore by drilling vertical wells to determine the large boulders in the soil, groundwater and other obstacles to the construction of pile foundations. She also performs a dive into homogeneous soils thawed screw anchor piles with a diameter steel barrel from 159 to 400 mm to a depth of 5.85 m without increasing the trunk and up to 18 m with a trunk capacity welding of pipe segments. Machine with the-shell can be screwed piles with concrete shaft to a depth of 5.85 m

In addition, the machine screw-top screw piles with a diameter blades up to 1.2 m and carries out the dismantling of submerged piles into the ground by unscrewing them and towing a trailer.


KBTM (Design Bureau of Transport Engineering) specializes in the manufacture of armored vehicles. The company also creates civil products. First of all, these are the machines for agricultural, construction and oil industries — tractors, excavators. Designed snowblower tractor based and mobile CHP on the basis of units of armored vehicles.

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