Transmashholding and Alstom will be engaged in the production of light rail in St. Petersburg


"Transmashholding", together with its co-owner and partner — the French company Alstom Transport in the coming months will begin production of high-speed low-floor trams at the facilities Oktyabrsky Electric Factory (OEVRZ) in St. Petersburg. The company expects that the trams will take root not only in St. Petersburg, but also in other regions of Russia, and possibly in the CIS countries.



Plans for a production set out in a memorandum that St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko, chairman of the board of directors' TransMashHolding "Andrew Bokaryov and President of Alstom Transport Henri Poupart-Lafarge signed yesterday OEVRZ. According to the memorandum the company will set up an engineering center, production line, as well as facilities for maintenance, repair and modernization of equipment. According to Andrew Bokareva, drafting a new tram has already started, the presentation of the model to be held in February next year, and the first car off the assembly line by the end of the summer. Investment in the project, Mr. Bokaryov did not elaborate.


The Executive Director of Alstom in Russia and the CIS Bernard Gonay also noted that "significant investments in the organization of production is not required" because OEVRZ have enough spare capacity. It is assumed that the production will be the SKD, some components (such as trolley cars) will produce local factories, most of the other parts (tram going from the modules) will be shipped from overseas, but will gradually increase the degree of localization.

According to Bernard Gonay, interest in high-speed low-floor trams shows not only Petersburg and Moscow, but also, in addition, the company is ready to supply the rolling stock and other cities of Russia and CIS countries. At the same time, Mr. Gonay not rule out that the assembly line in high demand and can be organized in Moscow. Roughly Petersburg line could produce up to 120 trams in the year, but the exact number will depend on demand. Bernard Gonay believes that the first tram can take to the streets of St. Petersburg after a year and a half.

Head of the Committee on Transport Petersburg Stanislav Popov explained that the project — a personal initiative "TransMashHolding" and Alstom, as the purchase of cars for urban tram lines in any case be carried out within the framework of public procurement. "But they are willing to take this risk because they understand that the products are competitive and will be in demand, because no one in Russia does not produce 100% low-floor cars," — said Stanislav Popov. He recalled that in the plans of the city for ten years to upgrade the entire barn, it is necessary to purchase not less than 50 cars per year.

Stanislav Popov also noted that the city has to offer Alstom own version of the "contract life cycle" and is ready to take on up the tram line. "But this proposal need to be addressed," — says Mr. Popov.

One tram 35 m from Alstom worth 2-2.5 million, said Bernard Gonay. If the length of the tram will be less (based on the results of studies that French experts will meet in St. Petersburg), the price will accordingly be lower. This tram can carry 200-250 people, its average speed — 15-20 km / h, but on the straights can accelerate to 70 km / h The service life of the tram — 30-40 years.

One tram, produced by "VAGONMASH" (the main supplier of cars in the city), according to Stanislav Popov, costs 45 million rubles.

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