«Trump» of the Earth

Starting in 2011, the whole world was shocked unusual incident — everywhere heard a strange hum of unknown origin. Scientists are at a loss, because none of the codex have not seen even a mention, let alone a detailed description of this phenomenon, or at least similar in some parameters. Official science "disarmed", it does not have any information about the origins, causes and nature of the drone lands of the consequences. There is no option, as these alleged consequences avoided. The answer is no, but still, there are some assumptions …

The researchers found that the Earth, as well as other planets are able to "sing." Moreover, each sounds differently: the noise of the pulsar resembles tarahtenie helicopter, solar prominences — hoot, Saturn is almost like a human whisper. Can we assume that the drone is somehow related to this singing? They have something in common. Hum as diverse — in some places it resembles unbearable screeching like metal plates rub against each other, in other places, people describe it as the roar of a huge mechanism, helicopter engine or something. Someone heard the roar, like a whisper and a whistle, and some described the drone-like sound of wheels. What is it? Do people have heard the same sound, and just gave him the wrong treatment? A mistake in the description? Or they did hear different noises? And, in this case, sound of the planet?

Voices of planets able to fix with the help of special equipment, a research organization NASA, studying the radiation belt of the planet. This was discussed in detail in the report of the "Chorus of the earth".

Finding that the magnetic belt capture small particles of the solar wind and reproduce sounds incredible, scientists were able to convert the recorded pulses into signals that are available for human consumption. Now the soundtrack, reminiscent of the style of music in ambient wind whistle, hum bells and the chirping of a bird, is very popular on the Internet. Otherwise, without this conversion, "naked ear" to hear them would be impossible, at least, because of the vacuum in which no sound waves.

After the worldwide wave of unusual noises of unknown origin, which scared a lot of people in the world who have become unwitting witnesses to this phenomenon, many people began to suspect that these sounds nothing like "harbingers of the Apocalypse." In the mythology of different nations, there is mention of the fact that this is what will end. Even in the Bible, there is mention of a certain noise that it is called the "trump."

Less religious citizens, both scientists and ordinary people, put forward different versions, sometimes the most incredible. Someone thinks their predecessors earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the formation of a tsunami, some call the antics of aliens, and some man-made sounds and echoes of the military exercises. However, there is no definitive answer. Not even found some consistency in this dismal uproar.

At this point, information about the weird noises are already coming from Ukraine, Russia, Belgium, UK, Spain, Australia, the Czech Republic and many other countries.

Of course, this "sensational" worldwide phenomenon could not remain without attention of scientists and researchers. At the moment, there is no definitive answer, but put forward a different version, explaining the possible nature of the phenomenon. Of them — the two versions are the most obvious, are quite popular, and, so to speak, are diametrically opposed, as "heaven and earth." Although, from the point of view of geophysics logically explained.

The first is the relationship of land hum with the processes occurring in the Earth's core and the solar activity. Thus, the International Geodynamic Monitoring System, in November 2011, was recorded energy spike unprecedented power coming from the Earth's core.

Why is this? President GNFE Elchin Khalilov said that acoustic-gravity waves can be explained. They do not arise out of nowhere, and are the result of large-scale energy processes of all kinds. For example, they may be the result of more frequent solar flares, huge energy which rushes to the surface and destabilizing various terrestrial sphere. Given this fact, it is possible to assume that the Sun is a true "culprit" strange noise. However, this assumption has not been confirmed as clear framework to build so far failed: buzz saw in different countries at different times of the year, at different rates humidity, temperature and other indicators. But still there is some relationship between the boom and solar activity: for example, the first time the hum found in Tibetan cave, February 25, 2011, and solar activity, in particular, the frequency and intensity of solar flares, has risen sharply, from approximately the middle of 2011 . There is a high probability that it is the increased solar activity was the "trigger" for the generation of the mysterious hum coming neither from the depths of the earth, neither the sky.

Another reason, which is likely to explain the nature of this drone is located deep under the earth — namely, at the kernel level.

Over the past five years, the drift of the magnetic north pole has more than five hundred percent, and since then has not diminished. This suggests that the energetic processes in the Earth's core and forming a magnetic field is extremely active.

As already mentioned, in November 2011, the powerful gravitational momentum fixed, virtually simultaneously, all geophysical stations, though the distance between them is about ten thousand kilometers. Such a phenomenon would not have been possible if the source of a powerful energy release was not the kernel. According to experts, it is the way it tells us that the internal energy of the Earth is entering a new phase — the phase of activity. And it is because of the activation energy processes that formed the geomagnetic field, which, with the help of a chain reaction generated sound waves that are heard, people living in different parts of the world.

Whichever of the theories is correct, and no matter what was the cause of the hum, earth and sky — neither one nor the other is no good for people promises. Acoustic-gravity waves generated due to higher activity levels or activity of the core of the sun can cause numerous disasters on our planet.

Solar flares threaten the health and well-being of people and infrastructure, and the processes taking place in the nucleus and control the internal energy reserves of land threatened by the growth of earthquakes, giant tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc. Presumably, the peak of activity of these disasters is expected in the year 2013-2014.

Another version of a strange noise is the result of the extraterrestrial or anomalous zones.

Thus, the Russian researcher, psychic studying anomalous zones B. Moskalev, once, during a visit to the anomalous zone called "Medvedetskaya ridge" in the Volgograd region, faced with an unexpected phenomenon — wafting from the ground rumble. Not once, but a couple of days later, Moskalev noticed strange earth rumbling. He was very loud and clear and repeated every evening or at night. As if on schedule, to the hour of the night humming stopped.

Moskalev claims that some workers hum like a noise, as if somewhere operated plant or workshop, and noisy work underground mechanisms

The idea that somehow the noise can be a highway from the car, the researcher immediately rejected. Highway located at a distance of more than twenty miles from the tent camp, where he settled, and the sound could not be extended to such a long distance.

Later, in the mid-nineties, in the place where the researcher could hear the roar from the ground, were found many tunnels and caves. However, no paved — no official data on any construction or other work carried out here, no. The most amazing thing that explore the tunnels so no one failed. All attempts fail, like any extraterrestrials would not let go of researchers.

There is a suggestion that it might be an alien base where aliens do repair work, and therefore the land is buzzing all over the county.

Russian doctor Mineralogy, well known in their circles Professor George Biscaye rejects possibility of natural origin of this strange noise.

He argues that it is either man-made drone, or 99% probability — psychological. In his view, the mind and nervous system are city residents simply can not withstand the load, but because they develop auditory hallucinations of this kind. But in rural areas, such phenomena do not know, because of the quality of rest and a calm and measured pace of life.

President of the Russian Academy of Psychiatric Mikhail Buyanov not agree with this view. He does not deny that the mass hallucinations and delusions may be, but the phenomenon is extremely rare and often of a religious nature. Rowdy said that over the last 50 years of his practice, he had never encountered such a phenomenon as mass hallucinations. If we talk about them as true. There are a few cases when the mass hallucinations are simply the result of someone's stupid joke, joke. Although, of course, you can not deny that there are instilled in the people who believe in all that they just do not say, but in general, the times have changed a long time, society has become more developed and long gone from mass psychosis, as in the time of Peter, when people thousands of self-immolation were engaged at the sound of "crack of doom." Besides, too many witnesses of this phenomenon and too far away, where they are from each other in order to explain all the "mass hallucination."

By the way, not only Brawlers does not agree with George Biscaye. It is absolutely unacceptable for the majority of doctors and researchers. It is wrong, at least, because it is based on the assertion that people have only heard the roar of big cities. But it is not. In the small village of the county, "Durham" strong buzz at night sleep disturbed local residents every day, for over two months. The sound was so strong and clear, that caused a lot of inconvenience, give people the fear and misunderstanding. Similar noises heard the inhabitants of New Zealand, a small Russian villages, etc. The sound emerged in Woodland, and all, is heard all the people that were present in its territory. In some places it was louder, and some could be heard less. He seemed to be pouring from everywhere, permeating the space, including the roof and walls of houses. Of course, the nature of the drone could be called physiological, and "cancel" on his mental problems, mass hallucinations and imaginative play. However, this is not true, because the people unanimously claimed that you had only to close your ears and hum immediately disappeared.

Now, when a lull, all relaxed. However, the hope that this phenomenon will never happen again would be, at least, stupid.

Scientists have an opportunity and some time to find the answers to all the questions. Earth to warn people about something for a while and calm down. The main thing that it was not a "calm before the storm."

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