TSNIITMASH presented the technology to protect against wear mechanisms

SSC RF NGO "TSNIITMASH" presented new technologies and equipment for surface hardening and protection of the details of any mechanisms and machines.
Equipment and technology were presented at the 6th International specialized exhibition of technologies and equipment for the heat treatment, "Heat Treatment — 2012", which opened on September 25 in Moscow.
Methods for surface hardening of machine parts and the protection against wear, erosion, corrosion, contact failure and fatigue, oxidation at high temperatures in various corrosive environments used, including, in the nuclear power industry. These technologies are applicable to a single, small-scale production for industrial and repair facilities and provide for the use of universal chamber and shaft electric furnace with a removable industrial equipment for process heat and chemical-heat treatment.
One of the developments "TsNIIMASH" represented in the exhibition — a method nanokarbonitratsii. NGO project "TSNIITMASH" "A universal method nanokarbonitratsii surface hardening liquid metal" in 2011 received the "Grand Prix» X Russian Innovation Competition. Nanokarbonitratsii method allows you to make a more durable surface layer of details of construction, stainless tool and high speed steels. Coatings, reinforced in this way can operate at high contact pressures, even without lubrication. This technology can be used in any industry, from food processing to space. This is a real working technology, a method already used in the nuclear power industry, having passed the appropriate certification.
The exhibition focuses on the main modern technology heat treatment of materials and equipment. In 2011 the exhibition "Heat Treatment" was attended by about 1,500 specialists manufacturing companies in the steel, aerospace and defense industries, oil and gas, engineering, engine building, research areas, as well as other industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions.

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