TSZPU repaired parts for marine engines Quick Tour


In December 2012, LLC "Center for protective coatings — Ural"("TSZPU"), A subsidiary of CJSC "Plakart", repaired parts of marine engines that will be used in the passenger ship "Native Rus" river of the company "Express Tour".

"TSZPU" inflicted babbitt — A special alloy of tin — by flame spraying on the body 10 bearings. When applying this technology, the material (wire) is fed into the burner flame, melted and compressed air is transferred to the surface of the product where cools and forms a coating.

Flame spraying bearings provides a reliable fastening of the sprayed material with the base metal. The technology eliminates the appearance of defects such as voids. In addition, the life of the repaired equipment is tripled.

As part of the contract in 2013 "TSZPU" perform spraying 6 more bearings. Cooperation between the companies lasts for about a year.

"Compared with other methods of repair of bearings, such as shading, drawing babbitt flame spraying method allows to obtain a product with improved performance, — says the director of" TSZPU " Alexander Polushin. — For example, in case of emergency equipment with a deposited layer less exposed to the risk of melting the babbitt bearing. In addition, the method of flame spraying can be restored bronze, brass and other bearings. "

Ltd. "TSZPU"The company is a subsidiary of JSC "Plakart", created with the participation of JSC "RUSNANO". Center for protective coatings — Ural performs work on drawing, functional coatings by thermal spraying, including nanostructured pokrytiy.OOO "TSZPU" offers effective solutions for repair of equipment for the oil and gas refining, machine building, power, petrochemical and chemical otrasley.V including consumers, LLC " TSZPU "big oil, gas, drilling and service companies in Russia.

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