Tuimazy hauler has won the All-Russian contest 100 best goods of Russia

"Tuimazy hauler" (a group of KAMAZ) (Bashkiria) has repeatedly won the All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia", that this year, participating in the competition with stationary concrete pump SB-207A, was the winner and received the status of a diploma for high achievements in improving the quality and safety of domestic products .


The optimal solution for the majority of Russian construction companies are stationary concrete pumps for delivering concrete for stationary concrete pipeline to building on construction sites.


Stationary concrete SB-207A is ideal for construction work in the construction of high-rise buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc. concrete mix is fed in straight betonovod vertically to 30 meters horizontally to 160-340 meters, depending on the mobility betona.Kompaktnaya design stationary concrete pump located on a rigid frame with single-axis drawbar on two wheels with rubber tires. The pump is equipped with four outriggers, easily moved by construction ploschadke.Privod pump is driven by a powerful diesel engine, "D-242" (MMP Minsk). Concrete pumping unit embodies the best characteristics of robustness, reliability and performance with all types of concrete. Critical systems stationary concrete pump SB-207A equipped with quality components from leading manufacturers. Management is carried out from a fixed panel.

For the convenience of customers, a network of regional service centers in Russia and abroad, through the distribution network of "KAMAZ". With their help is needed of measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment, regardless of its location.

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