Tulenergo operates only in Russia copy SHUOT

At the substation 110 kV "Shcheglovskaya", a project to introduce a universal cabinet Control current (SHUOT) for different voltage classes.

By the way, used by power engineers Tula SHUOT developed by "Energotekh" (Moscow) on special order and this is the only instance in Russia.
This unique equipment is included in the emergency reserve "Tulenergo". Its use is particularly important to ensure the reliability of the electric grid complex and shorten the elimination of technological failures. So, in case something bad happens, the mobile device can be easily transported and installed in place of the battery at any other energy.

In addition, the use of SHUOT has a pronounced economic impact. The fact that the operational substations DC emergencies occur rarely. In this regard, the acquisition of five cabinets for each class operational voltage was not rational. Therefore, there is need for a single, universal product — the cabinet of operating current, which provides a constant voltage of 220 V, 110 V, 60 V, 48 V, 24 V operational control circuit protection, automation and alarm systems in substations in case of emergency.

It should be noted that the main idea was to create SHUOT use as a rectifier (VU) modular transistor converters. This decision allowed us to avoid the classical schemes for different classes of DC voltage from the battery taps.

The use of modular transistor VU instead of thyristor rectifying possible at times to reduce the value of the variable component of the rectified voltage. Decreasing this setting will increase the noise immunity of microprocessor-based protection and thereby increased the electromagnetic compatibility. It is also necessary to add that, thanks to the low values of the pulsations extend the life of sealed batteries used in SHUOT.

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