Turboatom has created three new welding area

Due to the increase in production at the Kharkov factory "Turboatom" feature new welding stations in the shop welding and hydro shop and the shop floor machining and welding.

For new welding plant parts purchased equipment for semi-automatic welding in carbon dioxide and multioperator welding rectifiers capacity of 2000 amps with six ballast resistances allows for simultaneous welding job six places (posts). This includes power supplies CIG-601 welding machines PDG-508, complete with burner A-12-31, under the wire with a diameter of 2 mm.

Construction of the welding area for the assembly and welding of metal in the 60-m area of 240 sq ft shop was started in July of this year. It is equipped with five sets of the new semi-automatic welding equipment to weld the two multistation welding rectifiers for manual arc welding and other equipment. Were restored positions of compressed air, carbon dioxide, oxygen and natural gas, heating and lighting done. At full capacity, area earned in mid-September. It employs 16 welders in three shifts. All of them with work experience were specifically recruited for this plot, and six of them have moved out of the shop number 72. They are also equipped with a lounge and heating.

Since the beginning of work on the site were welded cages low pressure cylinders GRES-1 (Kazakhstan), thrust bearing Dniester PSP (Ukraine), control units for thermal power plants. Now cook the cover turbine section of the Dniester PSP, is a massive piece weighing 75 tons

"The opening of the welding area and equipping it with new equipment has increased the rate of production and make the groundwork for welding works in 2013. Welding machines are modern and comfortable at work ", — says the head of department Anatoly heap.

In '83 a new welding shop area of 144 sq ft is 700-m span. It is equipped with four sets of welding equipment for semi-automatic welding and two multistation welding rectifiers for manual arc welding.
In addition, a new welding department is equipped with posts of compressed air, carbon dioxide and natural gas, oxygen, provided coverage area. Were laid new baseplates are constructed grid boxes for the equipment installed infrared burners for heating the welded parts that run on natural gas.
In accordance with the safety regulations fenced opaque fence height 2m. It also works in shifts 16 welders.
Equipment area began in September. And the work he was introduced on November 17. It can cook large parts of hydraulic turbines. Now here is brewed fourth runner chamber Kakhovska power plant (Ukraine). Previously, such items are not cooked dimensional view of the lack of space and opportunities for their heating.

All new welding stations will be equipped with local exhaust installations.

Also now we are working on arrangement of the welding area in the shop machining and welding production number 72 according to the layout. It will accommodate six sets of welding equipment and multistation two rectifier. The equipment will be used for welding units of steam turbines condensers thermal and nuclear power stations.

"Our goal — said the chief welder Alexander Vavilov — to equip the production of" Turboatom "modern high quality welding equipment. We produce a gradual replacement of obsolete and outdated material multistation rectifier output 90-ies of the last century. The new equipment will improve the quality of welds and joints, ease of cleaning and reduce the welded shells. "

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