Turkish Navy will provide protection going ships to Gaza

Turkish Navy will provide protection going ships to Gaza Navy ships Turkey will accompany civilian ships sailing toward Gaza with humanitarian aid for the Palestinian population. According to September 3, "Haaretz", Turkish bureaucrats promised to increase patrols in the eastern Mediterranean and the move to a more brutal behavior strategy in the region.

Prime minister Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered that the last time it was organized for the trip to sector Strip. According to the Government Turkey, the purpose of this trip is verbovanie attention to the situation in Gaza and "unfair", from the standpoint of Erdogan's embargo on the import of goods by sea.

In May 2010, as a result of the operation of the Israeli armed forces killed citizens Turkey, on board the ship who was walking to Gaza "flotilla." This led to a conflict between with 2 states. Israel refuses to admit his guilt in the death of the Turks, and Turkey requested a formal apology, compensation, and the blockade of the Gaza Strip.

On Friday, September 2, 2011 the authorities Turkey announced the recall of its ambassador from Israel, and the intention to complete the operation of all military agreements with the Israeli authorities. In subsequent plans Turkey comes cessation of trade relations and filing lawsuits in international courts.

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