Types of engine oils

Types of engine oilsAlthough the owner of the vehicle which is interested in securing a long and reliable operation of the engine's own steel horse. In this difficult case one of the highlights is, of course, the timely replacement of oil. Now on the market of products for the car represented a fairly wide range of oils from different manufacturers, and it is difficult to choose only the owner of the car. But the question asks the right choice, as it affects the long and happy life of the motor.

So, now enjoys a good reputation engine oil liqui moly, which surpasses all standards. This engine oil high character, as is done by proprietary technologies Molygen and MoS2, and that gives him enormous popularity srediavtomobilistov.

In general there is some kinds of oils: mineral, the creation of which is the method of distillation and then clean it coming, synthetic, which is created by the synthesis gas, semi-synthetic, which is the consistency of the first 2-hoo. There is also a hydrocracking oil.

The introduction of mineral oil would be appropriate for an old car made in Russia, because its structure is more viscous, and will not leak, if, for example, the car has an old worn seals.

In synthetic oil-producing method for the synthesis of chemical compounds, there are significant advantages over mineral oil as the high turnover, which is essential for reduced fuel consumption and increased capacity, long life, chemical stability of the engine oil, the highest evaporation temperature and low temperature pumping.

A compromise between synthetic and mineral engine oil is hydrocracked and semi-synthetic oil. Semi-synthetic advisable to use under moderate loads in the criteria for moderate climates. Hydrocracking oil quality is at its closest to the synthetic, but is aging rapidly, losing its characteristics. When buying such kind of oil should carefully examine the label, because you can get confused. This is due to the fact that getting this oil, as a synthetic, you are actually buying a mineral oil, possession of advanced molecular structure and the entire complex additives.

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