Types of TVs and their features

Types of TVs and their featuresEarlier opportunity to build all at all distances has been described only in parables, legends of many nations, now this possibility has become a reality in our time. Thus was the first telly thanks to the development of technology and science. With the passage of time changed themselves teles and for all that change their properties and characteristics. Regardless of this distinction is made between the following types of TV sets.

1. TV set with a kinescope. Disadvantages — longest diagonal such tele achieves 38 inches, massive, often appearing color flaws, there is no protection against magnetic fields. With all this se telly available at cost, long service life, no problems with repairs.

2. LCD panel (TFT, LCD) are very expensive, their rendition leaves much to be desired. Have supreme demand due to high-quality image of a flat, compact, energy-saving. TV Repair in St. Petersburg performed for different models, including, for the LCD.

3. Plasma panel has an ambiguous color reproduction, small size, spends a lot of energy, the image without interference thin screen. Screen size achieves 60 inches.

4. Analog teles have a relatively low price.

In most of these TV channels broadcasting in the net SECAM formats

and PAL. Have a difference in the number of lines per frame, flowers, and many other parameters.

5. Projection teles own high quality color reproduction, eye-catching image that is cheap.

6. Laser teles are made with the introduction of color lasers, small-sized, have a quality image, unlimited life of the lasers. The main disadvantage — from watching TV set itself is rapidly getting tired eyes. Yes, and this defect has already been decided by the modulation of the light source, which extends its range of light waves. With all of this builds into such teles diffusing filters.

7. Teles provide high-quality digital picture image. The signal is converted to digital code and then transmitted. With all of this video does not depends on the power of the digital signal. The quality of the display depends on the format options and features of certain technologies — EDTV, HDTV, DTS. Over time, the whole world will soon move on format with high definition images — HDTV.

Now you all know about Telecom, the most time go to the store to take a new, more modern telly.

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