Tyumenstalmost completes the construction of a unique workshop

One of the most powerful enterprises of the Tyumen region — plant "Tyumenstalmost" is preparing to expand production. Nearing completion of the construction of a new plant of large structures.

It will build longer spans — unique for Russia "product." Such designs previously had to collect at different factories or buying abroad.

The novelty of the plant that will be made here to design a length of 35 meters and a weight of over 40 tons, the general director of the plant Stanislav Kushnarenko. For example, railroad bridges, and large spans and blocks for large orders. Thus, the "Tyumenstalmost" will be one of the few Russian companies that afford such work.

According to the chief engineer of the plant Vitaly Andreev, management companies today realize that the development of transport infrastructure will be a priority at the federal and regional authorities, so it is competitive in this area is becoming a major factor in the success of the enterprise.

"Now we are the main suppliers of metal on the Tyumen road junctions: already built on the Moscow road, built at Installers and Pulse Melnikaite. Once the new plant will work, we will put the task to market Russian Railways, which grows in the scope of work ", — said Vitaly Andreev.

Already there are the first orders. In particular spans of the bridge over the river Ahtuba in the Volgograd region. To learn the extent of such works have already opened 80 new jobs, according to "Vsluh.ru" information management policy of the administration of the municipal district of Tyumen.

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