U.S. Navy for the first time launched a military drone aircraft carrier

U.S. Navy first launch military drone aircraft carrierUnited States for the first time to hold the most experienced test standard languid combat UAV X-47B to launch from an aircraft carrier, according to a press release from the Navy information service of the country.

For testing the UAV delivered to board USS "Harry Truman," which is based on the "Norfolk" off the coast of Virginia.

Combat aircraft apparatus X-47B has a wingspan of over 19 meters, which exceeds the dimensions of shipborne fighter F/A-18 "Super Hornet" held at the U.S. Navy.

The press release states that during each test flight of UAV will be operated by the person using a special handheld terminal with a screen.

"This is a very important moment for X-47B. The moment when the aircraft apparatus touched the board "Harry Truman" became its official accession to the fleet, "- said the head of the applets on the development of the combat drone Jaime Engdahl.

"Shipping on the X-47B board aircraft carrier is a fundamental milestone in our program there. We conducted tests UAV for the past couple of years, and we are so excited about what, in the end, took him to the ship, "- said the manager of tests Watkins.

According to him, if the tests X-47B to be successful, it establishes that the "drones expects a great future." As expected, the test drone on board, "Harry Truman" will last for three weeks — reports "Interfax".

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