U.S. Navy tested the gun for class destroyers Zumvalt

U.S. Navy tested the gun for class destroyers "Zumvalt"The U.S. Navy has been testing a promising gun caliber 155-mm AGS created for class destroyers "Zumvalt"Reports Strategy Page. During the tests were carried out two shots guided missiles with a GPS-guided, which started to hit their targets at a distance of 81 kilometer. Tests were considered a success.

Development of AGS is from 2005. Gun designed for firing ordinary and guided missiles, which are also currently being developed specifically for the AGS. Despite the fact that the artillery rounds caliber 155 mm vserasprostraneny extensively in the United States, the shells of ordinary guns are not suitable for AGS.

The design range of fire of the AGS shells with a GPS-guided is 190 km. Shooting guided missiles carrying 11 kilograms of explosives, is in the upright position of the trunk. Implementation Guidance on GPS achieves shells falling into the circle with a diameter of 50 meters. AGS ammunition is designed for 335 shots; supply and charging are performed automatically. The barrel is made AGS cooled with water to provide a rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute.

AGS feature is its setting on a special turret closed hood, meet the following stealth technology — in the stowed position gun one hundred percent cleaned under it.

Construction class destroyers "Zumvalt"Underway in the United States since 2008. In total, the Navy should receive three such ships, the first of which will be delivered to the customer in 2014, and the last — in 2018. Length class destroyers"Zumvalt"Will be 183 meters. Ships will be able to reach speeds up to 30 knots and will be armed with 20 launchers MK 57 VLS with 80 missiles, also with 2 155-millimeter guns and 2 anti-aircraft guns Mk 110 57 mm caliber.

The ships of class "Zumvalt"One will be able to be based helicopter Sikorsky SH-60 Sea Hawk and three drone MQ-8 Fire Scout.

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