UBT-Uralvagonzavod opens a branch in Chelyabinsk

Closed Joint Stock Company "Ural heavy equipment — Uralvagonzavod" — a subsidiary of the Corporation Uralvagonzavod — opens a branch in the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.

The main objective of the project — a joint sale of products produced by "CTZ-Uraltrak." Using its large customer base, the branch collar will assist in the implementation of railway spare parts and components Chelyabinsk area corporations.

Another area of joint cooperation will be to ensure Ltd. "CTP-Uraltrak" inventory values. Relevant experience with the collar is. Today, the company provides comprehensive maintenance of JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "fuels and lubricants, buying them a substantial amount of the prices of manufactures. Opening of the Chelyabinsk branch will reduce the level of purchase prices for LLC "CTP-Uraltrak" not only for fuels and lubricants, but also for other types of inventory.

Now there is a practical realization of the project on modernization of copra production Chelyabinsk enterprise. Specialized subsidiary company "UBT-Ecology" is performing this activity for Uralvagonzavod acquires new equipment for the CTZ and provides timely manufacture of basic metals "CTP-Uraltrak" high-quality metal.

Implementation of these projects will allow Ltd. "CTP-Uraltrak" improve the quality of manufactured products, reduce production costs, and expand the sales market.

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