Udmurtenergo completed the construction of a smart grid in the village Karakulino


The branch "Udmurtenergo" JSC "IDGC of Center and Volga Region" signed the acceptance certificate completed construction of the "Energy Efficiency" in the village Karakulino. As the press service of the company, completed the implementation of the second phase of the investment project for implementation of "smart grid" infrastructure that is based on the latest methods of transmission and distribution of electric energy.
A pilot project to implement a network of "smart grid" in the Udmurt Republic was implemented in the village Karakulino. The choice was due to several reasons. First, a favorable location in the picturesque village of Karakulino location on the banks of the Kama River in recent years contributed to a large-scale low-rise construction. This required an increase in generating capacity. Second, the electrical network built here in the 70-80s of the last century, morally and physically obsolete. As the need to upgrade power facilities in the area. In addition, the district Karakulino "hit records" the number of "unaccounted for" consumption of electricity, which led to losses and cause direct financial harm "Udmurtenergo". Modernisation of the accounting system of electricity consumed, and the installation of modern transmission lines (power lines) may have resolved the problem.
The implementation of the project "Energy Efficiency" in the branch "UdmurtEnergo" began in March 2011. The project provides a range of activities to modernize the electric grid equipment in the village Karakulino. At the end of last year was completed Phase I of the project, during which were replaced with reinforced concrete outdated wooden electric poles, and the existing "naked" lead to a more reliable SIP (self-supporting insulated wire). In electric systems installed reclosers, which act as an automatic line protection during emergency outages. And on the new lines installed modern small pole mounted transformer substation.

In the first phase of the project in Karakulino started work on the implementation of one of the main elements of the "smart grid" — an automated metering system with "smart" electronic meters. With it controlled the accuracy and reliability of calculations for electricity, as well as provides instant data collection from meters. As part of Phase I of the project in the area of electrical networks Karakulinsky (XPS) was carried out to install an advanced microprocessor-based relay protection, automation control is applied, the reconstruction of control point with the replacement instrument panel.
Since the beginning of this year in the "intellectualization" of networks in Karakulino continued construction and reconstruction of overhead transmission lines (at the end of stage II further renovated and built 27 km of overhead lines), has been replaced obsolete transformer substations with modern block of TP, TP complete kiosk-type (for Today remodeled 12 CTS), on new lines in addition there are 6 small pole-mounted transformer substation. In addition, Phase II of the project for the residents Karakulino found 976 groups of remote metering, completed the installation of an automated data collection system with electronic meters. On the streets of the village power engineering reconstruction of street lighting with energy-efficient LED lights with automatics.
The introduction of "smart grid" is aimed at improving the quality of electricity, reducing energy waste, increase energy efficiency. The main advantage of the introduction of "smart grid" — is, above all, maximum reliability and uninterrupted power supply to consumers. 

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