UFO U.S. arms and meteorite

Developments in the Chelyabinsk region could be initiated by an alien civilization. This conclusion comes some experts. But most likely, this is a common celestial body, which was not noticed in time the Russian authorities, said the source, "Kommersant FM".

Meteorite in the Chelyabinsk region actually could be a UFO or a new type of weapon, some experts believe. The morning of 15 February, in the Chelyabinsk region has fallen meteorite. Unusual phenomenon was accompanied by a bright flash of light in the sky, followed by a series of explosions.

In the basic version of the authorities, it was the body of cosmic origin, which exploded in the sky and broke into pieces. One can hardly speak of intervention of extraterrestrial civilizations, according to the Union of Russia UFO. In this case, a bright flash, a significant number of Russian regions is suspect, said UFO researcher Sergey Alexandrov.

"It is very strange crash site seem to Chelyabinsk region, and reports of sightings come from all sides. This Sverdlovsk region, and Bashkiria and Orenburg region, and Kazakhstan. Either he walked in circles, then it's obviously something of extraterrestrial civilizations, or it was a meteor rain, at whatever height it did not explode, there is still a geography, there is geometry. He could explode very high, because there is thin air, that he is not about to explode. If this is not a natural phenomenon, and any impact of extraterrestrial civilizations, it is an emergency fall, "- he said.

We can not exclude similar version to the examination, I am sure the State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov.

"In theory, maybe, when they find the remains of the material remains of the substance, then the tie, which is a matter of origin, terrestrial, extraterrestrial, this meteorite or space debris, or something. Then it will be able to say something" — he said.

Another version sounded LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. According to him, the phenomenon in the sky over the Urals can explain what the "provocateurs" and "war mongers." Mr. Zhirinovsky suggests that imaginary meteorite fall was actually a test of the new American weapons. And UFOs, and weapons tests would show a little differently, however, Russia still would have learned about it too late, said President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov.

"Under the signs of UFO's that were a thousand times on our land, have been fixed, this is not an option. If this is some kind of weapon, from where they can start, what purpose pursued, to scare us, or what? Yeah we Frightening. some advantages in this study also did not show, so it is rather a celestial body, and the fact that our systems are not watching, this is the state of Russia, we have around 60% of the air space is not visible, "- he said.

Metropolitan Chelyabinsk and Zlatoust Theophanes differently explained meteor rain. According to him, the phenomenon should be seen as a sign of humanity over, indicating the fragility and unpredictability of the world.

However, if the object is most definitely find a meteorite, not a UFO, the version that in this incident was nevertheless involved a UFO, is increasing.

Before the fall of the meteorite Chelyabinsk Penza unusual flying UFO.

Penzentsy meteorite fall in the Chelyabinsk region have not seen: the distance is large — more than 1300 kilometers. But precursors scale astronomical phenomenon townspeople watched from their windows last night, February 14.

Doctor of Philosophy Sergei Volkov captured on camera an unidentified object did not, but was able to draw a heavenly miracle.

"In the sky, an object in the form of two spheres, connected to each other. At first it seems that someone has launched a Chinese lantern, but then you notice: no no highlights, and the rate is about the same as that of the aircraft. Moreover, the objects move strictly horizontal "- said paranormal investigator.

The object is then smoothly and quietly disappeared. Paranormal investigators informally call these objects "icicles." They appear, according to the scientists, ufologists, the eve of the tragedies and disasters. These red balls were, for example, a flood in Krymsk Tunguska meteorite.

As for Chelyabinsk, the place he landed yet been found. While the Internet is teeming with hundreds of videos taken with the camera car registrars.

Valentin Lun monitor such phenomena, astronomy he does 40. In 1995, a man was lucky — he removed the comet Hale-Bopp. Valentin believes that a meteorite fell in Chelyabinsk.

"The air is ionized sharply, resulting in a large release of energy from the electrons of the atoms come off its outer layers" — told the amateur astronomer.

"Meteorite carries frozen organism from outer space, which on Earth can mutate. Thus there are germs and bacteria, which has never been on our planet. According to one version, after the fall of the meteorite in the second half of the 80's we had the AIDS ", — concluded Sergey Volkov.

While in Chelyabinsk look for the remains of a meteorite in Penza actively exploring precursors Ural emergency.

Meteorite hit over Chelyabinsk — UFO

The authors of this video believe the shots filmed at the time of intervention UFO flying meteorite. If you look closely, allegedly shows a UFO, which catches up and runs into a meteor breaks it into pieces and go away.

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