Ukrstalkonstruktsiya is delivering steel structures for bridges Podolsky bridge

JSC "Ukrstalkonstruktsiya" delivered to the construction site on avtoproezda Rybalskiy peninsula more than 800 tons of steel from the total amount of the order of 2 100 tons. Total as at 31.03.2013 was produced more than 1,500 tons of structures, delivery of which is carried out in strict accordance with the schedule of installation, and the delivery schedule agreed with the sub-contractors.


In view of the fact that the quality of bridge structures are increased requirements (such as the quality of welds and for corrosion protection) due to the duration and conditions of operation, the production is accompanied by constant supervision of the Independent bridge inspection. Thus, the design goes for installation only after the acceptance of quality inspectors.

Manufacturers of metal act Dnepropetrovsk steel plant named after IV Grandma and Zhitomir factory of metal constructions. DZMK named after IV Grandma is the largest company in Ukraine specializing in the manufacture of bridge structures. It was at this plant were made design the world's first all-welded bridge — the bridge Paton in Kiev.

Zhitomir factory develops the production of bridge structures only in the last 10 years, but has already established itself as a reliable supplier for a number of large projects such as the reconstruction of interchanges on the Dnipro descent and at the intersection of the boulevard of Friendship of Peoples and the Dnieper in Kiev highway.



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