Ural Locomotives completed work on the technical design of the first modification Desiro RUS

Presentation of the technical design of the DC electric ES2G, developed on the basis of Desiro RUS («Swallow") was held at a meeting of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport (JSC "VNIIZhT"), the organization dedicated to the production of electric trains in LLC "Ural Locomotives" (a joint venture Group of Ekaterinburg and "Siemens AG" Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region).


Constructors LLC "Ural Locomotives" presented by specialists of JSC "Russian Railways" and branch institutes technical solutions for the complete understanding of the structure, function, manufacturability, assembly, installation, operation and maintainability of future urban express ES2G.
In addition, representatives of the plant described the construction of a new production facility designed for the production of electric trains, and the work done by the choice of Russian manufacturers of materials and components.
"Today, we perform audits of potential suppliers are sending their technical requirements and analyze their proposals for the production of equipment and components for our electric trains, — said General Director of" Ural Locomotives "Alexander Sultan. — By the end of this year we plan to finalize the manufacturers of components with long delivery time, and by 2015 to reach the level of localization in Russia 55%. For us it is all the more important because in 2014, our company intends to issue the first six trains, to carry out their certification, and in 2015 to begin deliveries of JSC "Russian Railways". ES2G designed for the transport of people on dedicated routes with high passenger traffic and long sections turnover to 60 kilometers. It differs from an electric train that was created for the Olympic Games in Sochi, were approximately 40% and touched, especially the body, thrust characteristics, accommodating high-voltage equipment, the organization of on-board network, cab, maintenance and repair. It is planned that in the future the specialists of "Ural Locomotives" develop a suburban and inter-regional electric AC or DC with the site turnover of up to 700 km. The terms of reference have been agreed on and approved. A production of other modifications "Swallows" will depend on the needs of JSC "Russian Railways". Following the meeting the representatives of JSC "Russian Railways" came to the conclusion that the technical design of urban express ES2G meets technical requirements and safety standards, and the "Ural Locomotives" can begin preparation of design documentation, which will be gradually transferred technology and production.

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