Ural Locomotives develop new versions of electric Desiro RUS


Constructors LLC "Ural Locomotives" (Upper Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region), together with colleagues from the group "Siemens AG" in accordance with the terms of reference of "Russian Railways" developing the train DC — city express Siemens-Sinara series ES2G (EGE). The basis for the new city express trains will design the type Desiro RUS («Swallow"), which is preparing for the Olympic Games in Sochi. Ural modification trains will differ in some technical parameters, and therefore requires much additional design work and implementation of new engineering solutions. The Russian and German designers work closely with each other.

Every two months, representatives of JSC "Russian Railways", LLC "Ural Locomotives" and the group "Siemens AG" to discuss issues related to the design, production, certification, maintenance and calculation of life-cycle electric trains. By April, scheduled to be completed preliminary design of electric ES2G (EGE), the fall of 2012 — to perform engineering design, and by September 2013 — fully prepare working papers, which will be gradually transferred technology and production. "Already in 2014, we intend to release six pyativagonnyh trains and pass the certification, and in 2015 — to begin its serial production, — said General Director of" Ural Locomotives "Alexander Sultan. — At present, to this end, the plant is preparing the construction site for the new plant are selected suppliers of equipment, and started work on creating the organizational department of the production of electric and recruitment. " Also agreed and approved the terms of reference for other modifications Desiro RUS — suburban train (EL) and the inter-regional train (EM). Their development and production will depend on the requirements and deadlines set by OAO "Russian Railways".  

In total, according to the contract, in 2015-2020. LLC "Ural Locomotives", a 1200 electric train type Desiro RUS for JSC "Russian Railways". Initially, the depth of localization will be 35%, as the level of localization of the contract will be increased to 80%. In cooperation with the component supply will involve more than 80 enterprises of Russian industry. Passenger trains Desiro RUS type designed to serve suburban and belong to a new generation of lightweight modular structures. They are equipped with modern asynchronous traction motors, trucks, reclining sliding doors, air conditioners, which provides better heat and sound insulation. Trains are made of extruded aluminum profile, which greatly increases their service life. They can be effectively used on routes from 50 to 400 km, reach speeds up to 160 km / h

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