Ural Locomotives prematurely completed the program, the

December 16, LLC "Ural Locomotives" solemn delivery of electric "SINARA" (2ES6 Series) under the number 83 — the last car in the production plan in 2010 In 2010 the company produced 50 electric locomotives articulated "SINARA", which is twice more than was made in the past year. Also there was a prototype of a fundamentally new locomotive "Granite" with asynchronous traction drive 2ES10 series.

According to the general director of "Ural Locomotives" Alexander Saltaeva, plans 2011 release of 54 articulated electric "SINARA" (2ES6 Series) and 11 electric locomotives "Granite" (series 2ES10). As the General Director of "Sinara Group" Michael Jodorowsky, the successful execution of the production plan reflects the effective organization of production at the plant, and streamlined collaboration with more than 65 companies-suppliers of components. Also, with the support of Russian Railways managed to bring the availability and operational reliability of the locomotive to the parameters required by the Railways.

LLC "Ural Locomotives" — a joint venture of the Group and Sinara Group Siemens AG, established July 1, 2010 on the industrial base of the Ural Railway Engineering Plant. The plant produces electric freight "SINARA" DC commutator motor drive (2ES6), and is working on the issue of freight electric locomotives "Granite" with asynchronous traction drive (2ES10). Presentation of the prototype "Granite" was held November 18, 2010

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