Ural Locomotives released hundredth locomotive SINARA

March 31, LLC "Ural Locomotives" (Upper Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region) passed Sverdlovsk Railway mainline freight electric DC traction motor commutator "SINARA" (2ES6 Series) under the number 100. The prototype electric 2ES6 released December 1, 2006. Since 2008 the production of the installation of the series, in which 85 locomotives were manufactured. On the 86-th number of electric locomotives "SINARA" assigned letter "A". In the framework of the signed contract with Russian Railways to 2012 for Russian Railways will produce 240 locomotives "SINARA." Today 2ES6 operated in Sverdlovsk, West-Siberian and the South-Ural Railway, lead teams of up to 9,000 tons, and the total time to make about 11 million miles. The locomotive crews working on the locomotive "SINARA" appreciate the microprocessor control system and diagnostics, improved technical characteristics of the machine, as well as favorable conditions are created for drivers. "During the operation of electric locomotives" SINARA "confirmed its compliance with the specifications and requirements of the customer, — said General Director of" Ural Locomotives "Alexander Sultan. — However, we continue to work to improve the reliability and the consumer as the engine to keep the competitive advantages of our products. "

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