Uralbroiler (Chelyabinsk region). Developing rural areas

Rodnikovsky pig agricultural holding "Uralbroiler" started in 2009, when the company had delivered the first batch of pigs. Starting the pig farm and production was started in November 2010. Today the total number of pigs in the pig farm is 21,600 pieces.

Pig Farm is a large high-tech enterprise for reproduction and breeding 190000 pigs with complete cycle power pig farm in mid-2012 will be about 22 thousand tons of live weight per year.

Attracting investment in agriculture — one of the ways to rehabilitate depressed agricultural areas. Founded in 2006, agricultural holding "Uralbroiler" created by the reconstruction and the opening of new production jobs in 2666 Argayashskaya, Uvelsky and Chyrvonaarmeiski areas of the Chelyabinsk region. On Rodnikovsky pig farm created from scratch 267 jobs in the future will still employed 250 people.

The final product is pig — it's not just chilled meats and semi-finished products, but also raw materials for its deep processing — production of finished products: smoked delicacies, sausages and dumplings — only about 50 items. This eco-friendly, affordable products sold under the brand name "Pig in the spring".
Over the last two years, the project was sent to 4.4 billion rubles, of which 3.5 billion — borrowed funds 0,978 billion — own funds of JSC "Uralbroiler." Agricultural holding "Uralbroiler" is the largest investor in the Chelyabinsk region in the agricultural sector. Today, the total cost of the projects implemented by agricultural holding is 12.8 billion rubles. The project to build the factory farm Kunashaksky area, which will carry out "Ural Meat Company", part of the agricultural holding "Uralbroiler", provides for the creation of at least 2,000 new jobs.

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