Uralelectromed autumn sets production machines in the new copper electrolysis shop

"Uralelectromed" (metallurgical complex UMMC) in September, completing the installation of the main technological processing machines electrodes in a newly built copper electrolysis shop. The total cost of the complex of the three units of the Finnish company «Outotec» amounted to more than 280 million rubles.

 Photo source:eleteh.ru

The complex of modern technological machines will completely automate technological cycle of electrodes, increase productivity and quality of copper cathodes. Also, due to the introduced equipment will improve the working conditions and production standards.

As the deputy head of the technical department "Uralelectromed" Mark Shchukin, the latest equipment makes higher qualification requirements for personnel. Therefore, those workers who will be involved in the process of processing the electrodes will be additional training.

Installation supervision of technological machines, which began in July, carried out by experts of the company «Outotec». Recall that in the new shop has installed electrolytic bath firm CTI (Belgium) and is the final stage of installation trunking company «Vision Electric» (Germany). This combination of equipment due to the study of international experience electrolytic refining of copper and fully complies with international requirements for quality and production technology.

UMMC plans to complete the construction of the first modern plant for the production of copper cathode at the site "Uralelectromed" to the end of 2011. The estimated cost of the works is estimated at 4.4 billion rubles. Designing a new plant is made in view of recent advances and new technologies in the electrorefining of copper. With the commissioning of the first phase of a new plant with 150 tons of cathode copper production capacity UMMC for this type of production will rise to 500 thousand tons per year. At the same time, the project of reconstruction mederafinirovochnyh power plant is retooling anode casting facilities copper smelting shop, made a preliminary project for the warehouse and railway facilities.

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