Uralkali has completed the reconstruction of offices granulation plant Berezniki-3

"Uralkali" has completed a project for the reconstruction of three production lines at the Department of granulation processing plant Berezniki-3. As a result of the reconstruction of the design capacity of the granulation department Mine-3 increased from 900 thousand tons to 1.25 million tons of potassium chloride. The project started in May 2010, and the total cost, the approximately 1.5 billion rubles.

During the reconstruction of the department of granulation plant Berezniki-3 replaced the metal, reinforced structural columns and beams. In addition, the second line was installed refining German firm Binder, which allows you to convert the entire amount produced in the factory of potassium chloride granular product brand "Evrogran", known for its high quality in the world.

In the department of granulation are six 100-ton presses German company Koppern. The new pressing equipment has increased the performance of departments and improve the quality of the granulate. The department also was installed two modern and efficient stoves for heating Binder potassium chloride. This equipment provides thermal drying mode of potassium chloride, and thus ensures the quality of the finished product, even at high production volumes. In addition, the equipment is completely replaced the main stage classification. New vibroproseivayuschie car company Rhewum, can increase the volume of processed products.

To conserve natural resources in the process of production in the granulation unit is fully modernized aspiration system. Its major advantage — the dry air purification method that saves water. Also, a new system more efficiently rids the room from the salt dust that can improve the working conditions of employees.

To ensure stable operation of the implemented full automation department granulation. If, before the renovation, each of the three production lines operated by a separate scheme of automation, but now all the lines will work in the same complex.

"Uralkali"  — One of the world's leading potash producers with a market share of about 20%. Production Company assets include five mines and eight processing plants located in the cities of Berezniki and Solikamsk (Perm region). The company employs more than 23,000 employees. Shares and global depositary receipts of "Uralkali" are traded on the RTS, MICEX and LSE.

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