Uralvagonzavod and the Canadian concern Bombardier signed a cooperation agreement

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"Uralvagonzavod" and the Canadian concern Bombardier signed a cooperation agreement. The companies plan to establish a joint venture production of trams and cars for the subway. Partners will rely on large government contracts.

The document was signed in the framework of the International Industrial Exhibition "Innoprom 2012" in Ekaterinburg. The agreement provides for "a transfer to Russia of modern production technologies, training at European plants Bombardier, joint design and organization of production processes." Such cooperation, Bombardier has not practiced.

The document was signed by General Director of the Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko and President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Transportation Andre Navara. The ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, says in a press release Uralvagonzavod.

The parties plan to achieve 50% of production localization at the early stages of cooperation. As the basic models for the implementation of the agreement defined the modern designs of the existing lineup of Bombardier. "In particular, the design of cars attracted world famous designers, so the appearance of rolling stock will be unique to each customer, which will emphasize the shape and characteristics of the city," — said in a press release Uralvagonzavod.

The joint venture Uralvagonzavod and Bombardier for the production of trams, and possibly in the future, and subway cars are likely to be located in the facilities' Uraltransmash. " Uralvagonzavod will organize three lines for the production of various modifications tram passes "Interfax".

Previously CEO Uralvagonzavod Oleg Sienko said that, most likely, the joint venture will be established on a parity basis in 2012. Separated from Bombardier Uralvagonzavod plans to open "Uraltransmash" another line for the assembly of low-floor trams with "accordion".

Analyst "Investkafe" Andrew Schenck believes that companies will be difficult to achieve a 50 per cent localization initially. "At the initial stage, to achieve a localization quite difficult. You may be able to localize the production of stamping and some of the details, but it takes time to build a high-tech manufacturing. In my view, the share of localization that can be achieved in a short time, is 30-35%, "- said the expert.

"This form, as the joint venture, is very effective and important in the Russian mechanical engineering. We have the resources and capacity, but we need the technology to produce high-tech and competitive on world commodity markets. But the technology involved can later develop and implement already fully into their products, "- said Andrew Schenck.

According to him, the demand for such cars will be very much dependent on the federal and regional budgets, as companies that operate these cars are financed by the state.

"Cooperation in the field of production cars looks promising, considering the potential of the Russian market. The authorities of the central cities will implement light rail, which will replace part of the trolleybus traffic. Market size will be significant, so cooperation will be interesting both for the "Uralvagonzavod" and for Bombardier. Their joint venture is likely to give greater momentum. Companies can rely on a fairly large orders for large-scale municipal programs for urban transport. Uralvagonzavod and Bombardier, will likely receive orders from the regional authorities ", — told the newspaper VIEW analyst" Metropolis "Andrei Rozhkov.

"In connection with the adoption of the Moscow government scale development program of the city tram to increase passenger traffic at the start of the Universiade 2013 in Kazan, in 2018 — the World Cup, the government should invest a lot of money in the infrastructure of the transport system of cities. Therefore, the company is likely to receive a large state order ", — said director of development and marketing," Autolocator "Gleb Slavutskii.

Recall serial production of new subway cars for the Moscow subway this year launched "Metrovagonmash." For two years in the Moscow metro will be replaced by 632 of the old car with the new. The contract amount was not disclosed, but experts have previously calculated that we can talk about billions of euros. The new cars are on the level of the latest world standards, while their value is 20-30% lower than their foreign counterparts.

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