Uralvagonzavod — winner of the national competition.

According to the results of the All-Russian contest "The leaders of public procurement in 2012" UralVagonZavod won in three categories and included in the Federal Register of the basic organizations of the Russian economy, bona fide suppliers and customers and cost-. Contest was organized by the International Centre for Investment Consulting.

The joint stock company has confirmed compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation as a member of the budget process in the implementation of state and municipal contracts, the ability to efficiently use equity and debt budget. As well as compliance with applicable laws in the supply of products and services. Exclusive diplomas, to be entered in the Federal Register once again proves that Uralvagonzavod is the leader of technological development which has maintained a steady growth in profits and competitive products within the contract terms, and using the latest material and social technology.

Corporation was awarded the Grand Prix and Gold Medal in the category "and cost-customer." Uralvagonzavod received a certificate of conformity, registered in the Federal Register byudzhetoeffekivnyh customers. It certifies that the activities of "Uralvagonzavod" meets the requirements of the national standard of customer goods, works and services. The organization recognized by the customer and cost-has argued the right to participate in tenders and public procurement, regional, industry, federal programs and projects as a reliable efficient performer.

The enterprise has also been granted permission to use the marks of conformity "Base organization-2012", "2012 and cost-customer" and "Conscientious supplier-2012." From now on, these characters match UralVagonZavod can be applied to the packaging of products, shipping documentation, including tags, labels and inlays. Also allowed the use of signs in advertising brochures, booklets, brochures and forms of organizational and distribution of documentation.

In addition, the executive director of the Uralvagonzavod Vladimir Roschupkin awarded honorary diplomas of the winner of All-Russian contest "The leaders of public procurement in 2012" in the nomination "For Labor" and "For managerial professionalism."

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