Venezuela has become a major ally of the Russian Federation

Venezuela has become a major ally of Russia

C an official visit to Moscow came davneshny friend and ally of the president of the Russian Federation Venezuela Hugo Chavez. For the Venezuelan favorite this visit to the Russian Federation was the ninth since joining as head of the country in 2001 during the 2-day meeting of the Russian Federation and Venezuela favorites discussed a number of important issues in the close strategic collaborations on economic, military, political, cultural and trade spheres.

On Thursday, Dmitry Medvedev and Hugo Chavez met in the suburban residence of the Russian President. The main topic for discussion was the economic cooperation between Russia and Venezuela. The outcome of these negotiations was an agreement between "Rosneft" and the Venezuelan «PDVSA» Russian company to buy from Venezuelan counterparts 50% stake in the German company «Ruhr Oel Gmbh», which has 18% of all high-tech refineries in Europe, as many oil fields on Venezuelan soil . So makarom "Rosneft" in the literal sense of the word "cut through" his window in Europe, next to a huge Acquires European refineries, making it likely to sell in Europe is not only the "crude" oil, and a huge quantity of finished petroleum products that are already on order more expensive. So Makar, many times increases the effectiveness of Russian oil industry and also acquired new fields that are not in the Russian countryside, which is naturally a positive impact on the conservation of natural resources of Russia.

On the second day, Friday — October 15, in Moscow accomplished laying of the monument to the hero of the Latin American people to Simon Bolivar. At the event in a festive atmosphere on the reddish «Lada Priora» Hugo Chavez arrived, which announced that the laying of the monument still stronger unite Russian-Venezuelan friendship, especially in cultural terms. In addition, the Venezuelan president was full of praise Russian auto industry and said that longs to build "Lada" in his Venezuela. After the event the monument, the Venezuelan favorite met with Dmitry Medvedev in the Kremlin, where the plan was signed by Russian-venesulskomu partnership until 2014, which is priemuschestvenno in the economic, trade and military spheres. In addition, the Russian side promised to hold a large-scale construction of nuclear power stations throughout Venezuela.

After the talks in the Kremlin favorites Venezuela and Russia drew attention to the fact that the Russian-Venezuelan alliance is a fundamental tool for the formation of a multipolar world. Hugo Chavez said that segodnyaschy Latin America is in a phase of revival, to which only recently arrived Our homeland. Paths of development of the Russian Federation and Venezuela are very close and because "we have merged to help each other and build a whole new multi-polar world." Dmitry Medvedev has supported its own staff and added: "Russia and Venezuela are in favor of forming a modern and fair world order, in which the future is not based on the will and desire a single country, from its well-being, depends on the joint efforts of international community and naturally from the internal development. Only such world order can ensure the sustainable development of mankind in the twenty-first century. " In addition, Dmitry Medvedev stressed that Venezuela has always acted "in the allied" and taking the interests of the Russian Federation as its own, as, for example, it came with the recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which has never recognized "officially the main ally of Russia" Belarus: "Clearly, we believe Venezuela steps to support these republics friendly gesture to these young countries and a sign of respect for RF. It is a sign of our friendship. Specifically, and make real friends. If they promise, they do not talk. "

The result of this meeting was the closest possible further strengthening of Russian-Venezuelan relations and practical education of the political union of Russia and Venezuela. Venezuela has become a major ally of the Russian Federation in effect in all political matters. Demarche Belarus and Russian refusal to support the management of Iran has made Venezuela a winner, which are no longer in a friendly way, and a brother — previously such an honor awarded only Belarus. For the Russian Federation Venezuela, which are one of the favorites in South America, stands a very valuable ally, and strengthening such partnerships is solely in the pros. In addition, the alliance of Russia and Venezuela and most profitable Hugo Chavez. Most recently (September 26) in Venezuela held parliamentary elections, in which the Venezuelan party favorite took less than two thirds of seats in parliament and has lost the ability to control the adoption of legislation. Hugo Chavez needed political points for the upcoming presidential elections, and the main conclusion of agreements on mutually beneficial partnership between Russia and Venezuela, the Venezuelan president is able to bring the latest popularity at home.

In conclusion, we can add that the Russian ambassador, Hugo Chavez will visit Minsk where he met with another friend, Alexander Lukashenko. It may be that specific Venezuelan favorite act "arbitrator" and try to make peace between Russia and Belarus, showing her by example how to behave true allies against each other.

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