Venezuela is going to buy Chinese J-10 fighter jets

Venezuela is going to buy Chinese J-10 fighter jets

According to a press release from the Venezuelan Air Force, Air Force Commander, Major General Jose Perez Escalona Greogrio and other members of the High Command The Air forces Venezuela met in Caracas with President Aviation Technology Import and Export Company of China (CATIEC) Ma Zhiping, Director General Liu Yu and others.

As previously reported, the Venezuelan government purchased the China has 8 medium tactical transport aircraft Y-8 «Shaanxi». Their delivery will begin in October 2012

Following a meeting with Chinese representatives deputy. Commander Gen.-Major M. Oviedo said that the purchase of Chinese Y-8 will be an incentive for the planning of the upcoming acquisition systems from CATIEC.

By the time the true Air Force Venezuela received for eighteen training aircraft to-8W and 10 mobile radars. At this time, negotiations for the acquisition J-10.

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