Venezuela is thinking about buying Russian drones

Venezuela thinks of buying Russian drones

For the first time our homeland can transform from an importer to an exporter of UAVs. Venezuela has expressed interest in the Russian unmanned aerial reconnaissance complexes "Frontier-2" and "Border-10". But, as they say experts, it does not mean that our country has to make a competitive product in this field in the world market.

Group of Russian aviation specialists in Venezuela is preparing to test complex unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), "Frontier-2" and "Border-10".

"The tests will begin in late. Will provide them with a group of Russian aviation specialists, who flew back about a month in Venezuela, currently preparing for departure, another group, "- said the chief designer of the Kazan enterprise" Aerokon "Igor Petukhov, reports" Military-Industrial Courier. "

He said the purpose of the tests — to check and proof of complex traits that are offered to supply to Venezuela.

Petukhov said the tests will take place in two steps. The first step is devoted to checking flight and technical characteristics. "In the second step of the complexes will be working on real jobs and real objects at the same time, this work will be paid by the host country," — he said.

Complete test of all systems is planned today in the summer. If they are successful, then the conclusion will be given to the need to purchase these complexes. "The need for Venezuela in unmanned systems is estimated at several tens", — said the designer.

Experts estimate the feasibility of unmanned Russian supply to Venezuela as the highest. "Supplies are likely to Venezuela, as it buys everything that makes our homeland. In other countries — is unlikely. The technological level of our UAVs lags far behind Western models, "- commented the newspaper gaze deputy director Vladimir TSAMTO Shvarev.

Our previous home was not represented in the global market of unmanned vehicles, as the only importer. For example, not so long ago Defense RF purchased in Israel 10 drones for testing. At the moment they are at the stage of trial operation. If the tests pass successfully, then it is possible that Defense may purchase subsequent game against Israel.

Experts they say that the procurement of prototypes UAVs Israel says just about the backwardness of our devices. "The fact is that those drones, which put us in Israel, 10-15 years behind the modern technology. Even Israel itself has gone too far in this case. Israel will not sell advanced weapons to the Russian Federation, including drones, as between the two countries have an overwhelming contradiction by Syria and Iran. A Ministry of Defence provides these drones for our producers as a standard ultra-modern ", — says Vladimir Shvarev. Expert explains the reason for the backwardness of Russian UAVs. "The biggest problem — the fact that we have so far not ordered the entire development cycle. Each enterprise is developed on your own risk an unlimited number of samples that never went anywhere. Defense issued an order for two types of unmanned vehicles to two companies, the other hung in the air. Now they at the moment are trying to enter the market ", — Vladimir continued Shvarev.

Recall that the contract of Defense the development and production of shock Russian UAVs was signed with the companies "Falcon" and "Transas" last year. Earlier, the Ministry of Defence wasted izderzhalo 10s billion rubles for the development of Russian UAVs, which was conducted at the company "Vega". It is expected that tests the impact of the first Russian drone held in 2014. Earlier, I said that the tests will take place at the end of this year, but later moved deadlines.

By the way, sells a Russian drones carried out on the strip Emergencies Ministry, the FSB border guards, as the traffic police. Not so long ago it was reported that the same "Aerokon" put some Russian power structure of the complexes 10 and 2 drone "Boundary-20" each. However, neither the price nor the name of the customer is not known.

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