Venezuela scary to live here

Venezuela is afraid to live

Venezuela awash in crime, came to power of Hugo Chavez. In 1998, there were 4.5 thousand people were killed, while in 2010 can be read on more than 20 tyschah killed, while 91% of killers remain uncaught. Kidnapping is a little less, according to statistics lost about 17 thousand people a year. When Hugo Chavez of Venezuela became the first country in the world anarchy.

Even in Iraq, which constantly engaged in wars and surpasses Venezuela only 4 million inhabitants (31 million to 27 million Iraq and Venezuela), in 2009 killed 4,644 people when the country Chavez — 16,047 people, according to the NGO Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia. Last year, that figure slipped mark of 20 thousand. Caracas, the capital, is considered the most unsafe city in the world, yearly population loss resulting from murder of 130-200 persons per 100 thousand inhabitants. More precisely we can not say, as the authorities themselves Venezuela can not name a clear population of the capital, estimates vary from 3 to 5 million people, given the suburbs, you can already read about 8 million. Second place in the world rankings on the crime situation is South Africa Cape Town (98 murders per 100 thousand people). Bogota, capital of Colombia, is considered a haven for all sorts of criminals, but there the figure is only 22.7, and in Sao Paulo in Brazil — 14 people.

In the spirit of Venezuela is a twin of. More than 10 years country is under the control of 1 person — Hugo Chavez, just to draw a parallel with Putin. He just sings on television, everywhere flying in helicopters and considers America the main culprit of all evils. 80% of Venezuela's exports consist of oil, it — 30% of GDP. As the birthplace of our most necessary government import products. Science and industry are completely undeveloped.

And yet, according to some characteristics of Venezuela may be considered a more advanced state than Russia. The average life expectancy of men is 71 years old, when in Russia the figure is kept at 59-61 years old, with the young people of Central Asia. The multi-party system and competitive elections in the country not just the words in the Parliament are three parties, with one of them (40% of the seats) is very oppositional stance against policies of Hugo Chavez. Ladies make up about 60% of the total number of deputies of the city. 93% population country's population lives in the cities, the rate of urbanization is one of the largest in the world. In Russia it is 73% according to official data, and 50% according to some professionals.

Oil revenues in the country are distributed in such makarom that social system is more humane. Besides price of a liter of petrol is only 3 Russian ruble.

At the same time, Venezuela has very cruelly to pay for their social experiments. If low wages in the country is about 170 bucks, the benefit of poverty and unemployment — 300. It is logical that a large part of the population of the lower classes do not want to work because the government pays doing nothing. According to official statistics, the number of unemployed in the country is 7.6%, essentially in the middle of slum work shall be removed 70-80% of the people, despite the fact that 30-40% of the country's inhabitants live below the poverty line. As in the Second World countries, they prefer to rob the rest population, and the most ruthless and cunning are going in gangs and involved in a much more sophisticated crimes.

Can destroy a passerby for a handful of little things in my purse, old ladies in their own homes, owners of small companies, which shall be removed to pay tribute. Racketeering been charged up to 60% of the business. Exceptions are large companies with rigorous security or belonging to a revolutionary bureaucrats.

Up to 70% of the fishermen from the north-eastern shore of Lake Maracaibo is imposed tribute, including 2.5 thousand boats of the municipality of Miranda. Bandits can put on board boat transfers pictures with a huge sun of Nike's symbol that paid tribute. These perfectly conspicuous from afar designations rescue fishing vessels from killing and looting.

In the same municipality (areas of Punta Vigia and Sabaneta de Palma) for a day or two fishing boats were removed 30 engines total price of 16 thousand local bolivars each, which is about 2500 bucks.

In parts of the south of the lake (Valmore Rodriguez and Baralt) foraged gang who prefer to wear a military uniform. They require fishermen to 150 bolivars first installment and the next 100 every month (23 and 15 dollars, respectively). And these tools ensure the integrity of the vessel only, not the fisherman, who may kidnap for ransom. This is another favorite pastime of the local poor.

Only 12-month period in 2009-10, according to the State Institute of Statistics, was kidnapped in Venezuela 16,917 people. With a family of kidnapped demanding a ransom of $ 6-12 his monthly income, in other words 1-2 thousand bucks for a poor person.

As already mentioned, 91% of murders were not disclosed. In this case, the basic premise can be called a fundamental change of the police under the current government. Hugo Chavez is quite sure that the police should do preventive and educational functions, and not oppressive. Before he came to power, as in all of Latin America, in Venezuela there were special police units, local "death squads." They suddenly burst into poor neighborhoods and held fast for at least some flogging offense could destroy for only to find the cartridge. Venezuelan president dismissed these "squads".

The only thing that is somehow able to apprehend the gang from the slums — it's civilian paramilitary connection type from the rich neighborhoods. Typically, they consist of a secured snow-white youth. Members of these compounds local leftists called fascists. In the adjacent Columbia are the same "fascists" are struggling with reddish partisans together with government punitive.

The President in this situation can only incriminate America and world imperialism rampant crime that swept the country. They added a neighboring Colombia, Hugo Chavez calls it Israel of Latin America. The bourgeois past of the country is also considered a "blame" for the ongoing troubles. In Venezuela, the law, which Our homeland applies to Chechen militants — the gang can add a tool, "repent" for their own sins and promise to embark on a real, ceasing to commit murder and kidnapping. In 2003, this law granted amnesty to "Sementero" — one of the biggest bands in the capital. About 150 criminals surrendered to authorities and was released.

One of the circumstances in which the offender remains on the outside are crowded bullpen, which are designed only for 14 thousand man. But they are staying 38 thousand criminals. Every year 400-450 prisoners killed Venezuelan prisons.

Additional difficulties are happening makes a general flight of snow-white minority, which accounts for about 20% of the population and mostly belong to the middle class or the top of society. The number of blacks reaches 10% of all inhabitants, the rest are pure-blooded Indians and mestizos.

Venezuelan Institute of Data Analysis (IVAD) nedavneshnem time spent in a study which showed that 71.9% of the population believes that the main problem of the country's crime. A consul of Spain in Venezuela Anibal Jimenez shared the information with the Venezuelan media that more and mor
e people consult on the necessary documents for the arrival in Spain. Over the last decade there had left 130-140 thousand Venezuelans and indigenous descendants of Spaniards, another 60 thousand people just came back to their homeland.

Gregorio Castro, a sociologist, says that the main factors due to which the population flees to Spain are the highest level of crime and degradation, social and political, which is given by hurting the middle class.

Exclusively in Caracas times a day visiting the Spanish representation 1.5 thousand man and 500-600 in other towns of Venezuela. In the Mission of Italy and Portugal are turning 300-600 people a day.

So Makar, you can read that policy Hugo Chavez made the first government in the world of anarchy, in which the authorities simply ignore many of the processes and issues involved in the lower classes themselves "working people." This situation is similar to the Soviet Union in the 1920 year. Should expect that power will change the reaction of Chavez, right up to the semi-fascist dictatorship. This development is very typical of Latin America.

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