Veronica Krasheninnikova: Washington is engaged in dialogue on the principle that my — that is mine, lets talk about your

Veronica Krasheninnikova: "Washington is engaged in dialogue on the principle that my - that is mine, let's talk about your"Interview with the Director General of the Institute of foreign policy research and initiatives.

— Official congratulations to Barack Obama in connection with the re-election of the Moscow-oriented. According to the views of the majority of political scientists, Russian administration breathed a sigh of relief after learning the name of the favorite U.S. elections. All clear: as they say, from 2-mad … But, curiously, in the day of the election were posted results of a survey of public opinion polls in this country. It was found that the positive style of America is on the decline …

— Of 2-elect is angry that know better. Let it be Barrack Obama — his approaches and tools are already familiar and clear, and with Mitt Romney and his team would have more "deal."

Our citizens in their own disappointment in Barack Obama show a good awareness of the question, along with most of the Europeans and the Yankees, they made sure that no particular "change" the Obama administration is in fact not submitted …

Is it possible to conduct a constructive dialogue with the United States? Washington leads him on the principle that my — that is mine, about your talk. From the perspective of their interests — much as constructive. Mitt Romney criticized Barack Obama for his "failure reset." But let's be defined in the definitions. The term "failure", he meant that our homeland is not "lined up" obediently against Syria and Iran, that Vladimir Putin does not operate with impunity Western "dissidenture" inside the country and in general shows a lot of the sovereign will. Under the "reset" in Washington understand the reincarnation of in the "junior partner", in other words, the satellite — and nothing else.

From the standpoint of our interests, I do not see that from the "reset" has received our homeland. The United States should express appreciation for the fact that they started military action against us? Not only started because not suicidal. What Georgia into NATO did not take? Not taken as a given step it profitable to have a provocateur, which should not be protected in accordance with Article 5 of the NATO charter, the collective defense. What took Russia to the World Trade company? As said, the Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russia's entry into the WTO for U.S. companies expanding Russian market is 2-3 times — that the criteria stagnant domestic consumption in the United States is particularly important.

Washington is trying to implement RF concessions, even under the guise of something that is totally not going to do, and what profitable at first, USA.

But they are of the "reset" received some harsh benefits. Expansion of transit cargo to Afghanistan, without which the Yankees would have been very difficult to do. Libya to surrender to the wolves. Sanctions against Iran and cancellation of the contract to sell Tehran Russian missile systems S-300. RF application for membership in the International Partnership "Open Government" that is a partial delivery of municipal sovereignty.

— Now positive about the Russian-American affairs 53 percent of the citizens of these two years back there was more — 69 percent. I would like to know what led to change their eyes these same 16 percent?

— Again, our citizens cheer own insight and critical perception. But it is necessary to pay tribute to the United States: the bombing of Libya they are very CONTRIBUTE such perception. After Libya must be either a complete jerk, or a masochist, that come into the ecstasy of Washington politics.

Over the years in America, I opened myself one truth: everything we read as a Russian school about capitalism and the United States — untainted truth. Specifically, the way it is. In the United States affects the narrow political range: All discussions are conducted within the framework of the two-party system, where the difference between "elephants" and "donkeys" at the system level is absent. Republicans and Democrats — two sides of the same coin. In other words, all the debates unfold inside the system of capitalism, and in this narrow part you have complete freedom of speech — freedom of the empty word. And we have at every "talk show" was adopted to invite the entire political range, and ultra-liberals and ultra-nationalists of the right and the "center", and left. In America, such coverage is unimaginable, they trampled on one cramped ideological patch.

— The response to the re-election of Barack Obama, in Europe for three-quarters of positive delight in Muslim countries is not enough. What to expect and what will get in the next four years, Europe, and when they start to admire Barack Obama in the Islamic world?

— From the standpoint of American interests, Barrack Obama — the perfect type for the development of Africa, America and the Arab world. Snow-white president would be accused of racism — both brought such an accusation Barack Obama? When it besides Hussein.

Let us recall that immediately after taking office in March 2009 in prazdnichek Nowruz Barrack Obama delivered a video message to the Iranian people. And someone in the Islamic world, perhaps, to believe in his sincerity — still did not know that this will be followed by the bombing of Libya, "crippling" sanctions against Iran, all assistance to terrorists in Syria.

Who is the most urgent problem of the order of the day or white houses — Syria. And then the South American favorites will not wait even the inauguration. Task — to hasten the fall of Bashar al-Assad, without direct military intervention by the U.S. Army special forces only. At the moment, Washington together with London trying to put together such an opposition, which could be equipped already harsh tool — not receiving all of the charges that they make a "new" Al Qaeda. " These "authorized" fighters get carte blanche, and coordination of the United States and the direct support of Turkey, Qatar, Jordan, Libya, and the modern Saudi Arabia will be able to cope with the country's only legitimate favorite — such a calculation.

— Dissatisfied with the victory of Barack Obama is adjacent to Mexico, a country with virtually controlled the drug cartels. Why? Coupled with the presidential elections inhabitants of several U.S. states took part in the vote on the legalization of marijuana. In the end, Colorado voted "for", as well as Washington. But the Mexican drug cartels get from the sales of their own "products" on the ground more than 6 billion U.S. dollars. Only the legalization of marijuana in Colorado in advance already deprives speculators 1425000000: South American citizens to accept grow "grass".

It is necessary to continue to fight the Russian Federation with the world drug mafia, coupled with the U.S.?

— Drug crime in Mexico, as in other countries in Central America, soars skyward, as the United States come there to "fight against drugs." Honduras, organized from Washington after a municipal coup in 2009, was reincarnated from a transit country narkoproizvodyaschee, and went to the tragic first place in the world in the number of murders. Paradise country of Costa Rica, the main direction of eco
tourism, reincarnated in the warehouse of drugs, and the number of murders there has almost doubled. Columbia, under the pretext of the fight against drugs by allowing the U.S. to open seven military bases and turned into a military base in the Washington region. This country has long been third after Israel and Egypt, recipient of U.S. military aid. In Paraguay in June, with the help of today's Washington occurred parliamentary coup, which was the main zateyschikom Senator and banker Horacio Cartes. According to its South American diplomatic dispatches disclosed "WikiLeaks", this man responsible for the laundering of narco-dollars, 80 percent in Paraguay!

Rf time not to play in the South American game, which is called the "joint struggle against the drug menace." Venezuela has expelled from its territory serving the U.S. Office on Drugs — and shows the best results in the fight against "potion" in Latin America. Iran captures more than 30 percent of drug trafficking — just without the United States. For 11 years, the "war on drugs" in Afghanistan, the U.S. did not provide a good result — just as sharply negative growth in the drug 40 times redundant. If the "joint struggle" gives only the results, then, as they say in America, "when your horse is dead, it is better to get off."

— If the feeding of and use of marijuana — its proposed as "light" drugs — taken separately States of America comes to the concept of "human rights", we must also offer this experience. It would not be in this case rapidly created a movement for the legalization of "Kosyachkov" in us? And they will go to the "belolentochnikami" on the streets, to achieve "democracy" …

— The legalization of marijuana is a strong lobby, smogshee attract even to the point of the previous UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. As for human rights — though what will suit an occasion. The United States turned human rights into a tool of political pressure and subversion in 1975: Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe moved from the category of human rights good wishes in the category of legal duties. Came the subject of monitoring, the object of litigation.

Here, but need to share system and the people, because I will specify: the majority of the rank and file Yankees sincerely believe in human rights and are making efforts to improve the situation in their own country and the world. But the South American human rights system uses only as a political tool — and along with it the number of nationals of the sincere defenders. The U.S. is to discredit the concept of human rights — just as they discredited the notion of democracy.

Taking into account all of the victims in the world, which has led to a policy of the United States after the second world war, from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, through Korea, Vietnam, the death squads in Latin America to Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria, United States less than at least some other government in the world, have right mention the concept of "human rights." Our homeland, along with other states, to deprive the United States of the self-proclaimed monopoly on the protection of human rights and the role of the judge, they have given themselves. Since human rights in the true sense of the term — indeed universal value, the concept for all of us.

— Internal ally — it is traditionally referred to as a "fifth column" — is already there, it is demanding the resignation of the President of the opposition, joined by her unhappy of all colors and views. NGO Law requests registration of public organizations receiving funds from the zabugornyh sources. Will try to circumvent the law by all available means. One of the "ideological opposition" lurking at the moment in the Netherlands, has credited the appropriate amounts for mobiles. Interestingly, as the opposition continues to be developed and how they will shape its business with foreign sponsors?

— As soon as the lock of an old way of funding will create new, good weight capacity. Take a registered brand «Pussy Riot». In the web has sold T-shirts with this title — $ 12 ladies, $ 20 for men. At the advertising that they are provided with Madonna, Yoko Ono, and others, narrow-minded in politics, but the strong personality of organizing provocations, implementation will zadoristo. With all of this in the channel royalties may be poured and even as many tools — from Russia to check whether the product sold as many as received funds? According to the Federal Financial Monitoring Service, only 30 percent of the funds for the Russian opposition held by bank transfer — the rest in cash. Vozi though suitcases across the border — only declared at customs. How to invest in the Russian economy, for example.

Soon comes into force a law on NGOs receiving foreign funding. Some of the overseas agents, what they are and goal-setting activities, and by law, has refused regitsja. They will be profitable to the provocation — to make a scandal, to attract attention, to act as a "victim of Putin's authoritarian regime." Povystupali would be against the law in America — the South American objective judicial machine quickly taught them to abide by the law.

— As you know, in Russia closed the consulate of the U.S. Agency for international growth. Coming cessation of UNICEF's work — though to the United Civilizations we take quite friendly. We denote the boundary dividing the interstate partnership from interfering in the affairs of a sovereign country. How soon will try to break this border newcomer Barack Obama?

— As it turns out in practice, even the UN Children's Fund, UNICEF, the Yankees managed to adapt to their interests and objectives. Since May 2010, the director of the fund is Anthony Lake. Is the name of the children did not utter, but a lot of what goes though a professional on the outside of U.S. policy. Adults know that Anthony Lake in the late 1960s, he was assistant to Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council the United States, in the years of the Clinton administration that led the Board, and in 1997 he was nominated to head the CIA. And such a special regime UN requests child care? So brazenly and openly now running Washington — that's up to you no deterrent effect. But who in the United Nations voted for the Lake's candidature for the post? Neuzh Our homeland is also supported?

Barrack Obama elected to second term as president, we congratulated him. Now is the time RF, after all, the focus is for real. The United States did not change in our power — as before they will strive for world dominance and subjugation of other countries though by what means. But we can have an accurate perception of what is happening, discover and explain to the people in RF and in the world of real goals and objectives of Washington, and how to implement them. We can do a coalition of countries that could give him a rebuff.

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