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March 20, 2012 17:41

Being and Time, the time and space … It has long been people trying to learn the secrets of these phenomena. Sometimes a higher power allows us to touch the mysteries of the universe. Fiction writers and futurists have written about time machines, and we believe their existence tale. However, it appears that humanity has already touched the mysteries of the universe, and even learned how to manage time, not being able at the same time to protect your body and mind.

Be greasy, Supreme Intelligence warns of our unwillingness to comprehend the mysteries of the universe. Perhaps the man is so perfect, that we are not allowed to know them. Despite this, the world's leading scientists in the XX century, conducted research with the result, success in science and very bad for people.

 The Philadelphia Experiment is also known as project "Rainbow". It took place on October 16, 1943 in a military port of Philadelphia with sea destroyer "Eldridge." The main purpose of the project — the creation of the latest technology, with which you can make a "Eldridge" and, later, other military equipment invisible to enemy radar and thus reverse the course of the Second World War. The U.S. Navy create 'invisible ship, "began with the construction of the so-called" electromagnetic bubble "- a special screen, which can discharge the ship by radar radiation by changing the external electromagnetic field around a destroyer, however, instead of the desired was made entirely unexpected effect — the ship moved in time and space! The destroyer was hundreds of miles away in the docks of Norfolk, Virginia, and all hours on it stopped.
The beginning of the "stealth ship" was disastrous for the whole crew: 27 people were imbedded in the hull, 13 died from radiation, burns, and fear, and only 21 people survived. But the surviving sailors crazy, terrified of telling they visited the unknown worlds, they hook and could not return to the familiar world and was subsequently dismissed from the ranks of the U.S. Army as "mentally unbalanced."

"Gilbertovo space"

The roots of the project "Rainbow" goes to 1912, when the mathematician David Gilbert has opened up new methods in mathematics and published his theory of "Gilbertova space", in which the multi-dimensional space are changing versions of reality. Supported the theory of Gilbert and used them in their research, John von Neumann. The latter together with the scientist Levinson continued to study the problem of invisibility in public in 1933 at Princeton University Institute for Advanced Studies. And the University of Chicago have developed this theme Hutchinson and Tesla, who after combining both research universities became the director of the project.
In 1940, researchers conducted a successful test involving military ships in the docks of Brooklyn, but without people on board.
At the same time, Nikola Tesla realized that these experiments can be very dangerous for the crew of the test vessel and asked the leaders of the "Rainbow" additional time for the development of food safety project. But the request was declined — time is running out, we had to decide the outcome of the Second World War.
After Tesla's death in 1943, the project director is John von Neumann. It was he ready for testing military destroyer "Aldridge 'by placing two powerful generator-transformer. Held a successful test case of the experiment, during which the ship was achieved invisibility to radar for fifteen minutes. However, the tests have given a side effect — all members of the crew, in addition to weakness and nausea appeared mentally-psychiatric disorders.
The Philadelphia Experiment was conducted October 16, 1943, just days before it over the "Eldridge" UFO appeared. As mentioned above, it has been a complete invisibility destroyer while it moves through time and space. But very hurt people, and because of casualties project "Rainbow" was stopped.

Versions and recognition

Already closed Philadelphia Experiment overgrown mysteries and legends. Some researchers believe its very conduct of a hoax, while others believe that was made the greatest breakthrough in the history of XX century, allowing a man to conquer space and time.
In 1955, an American scientist, ufologist Morris Ketchum Jessup published his work "The case for UFOs." After the release of the book was published, he received a strange letter, signed by Carlos Miguel Allende. The last interest statement Jessup that our ancestors mastered teleportation and levitation, and claimed that he had witnessed both phenomena. Here are excerpts from a letter from Allende, recalled the events on the day of the experiment:
"I saw how the air around the ship very easily and gradually become darker than the air surrounding the scene. A few minutes later, I saw a cloud rises milky greenish fog. I think it's been a force field … I also saw then "Eldridge" quickly became invisible to the human eye, and thus in sea water was incredibly clear imprint of the keel and the bottom of the ship. If you try to describe the sound that accompanies the force field arose when it circled around the "Eldridge", first there was such a buzzing squeak that quickly changed, turned into a buzzing hiss, and then increased to a raging roar, exactly a raging torrent … "" The result "was complete invisibility of a ship like a destroyer at sea and his entire team. Magnetic field had a rotating ellipsoid shape and extends for 100 meters (more or less, depending on the position of the moon and the degree of longitude) on both sides of the ship. Everyone who has been in this field, had only blurred outlines, but it takes all of those who were on board the ship, and, in addition, so if they were walking or standing in the air. Those who were outside of the magnetic field which does not seen anything but sharply outlined trace of the ship in the water — provided, of course, that they were close enough to the magnetic field, but also outside of it … Half of the officers and crew of the ship Now completely insane. Some even still contain appropriate institutions where they get professional help when they or "soar", as they call it, or "soar and get stuck." This "vosparenie" — a consequence of too long in a magnetic field.
If a person is "stuck", it is not able to move at will, and if one or two friends that are nearby, will not work and do not touch it, it is "frozen." Usually "Deep" losing his mind, rages and is rubbish, if the "freeze" lasted more than a day in our countdown.
I'm talking about the time, but … "frozen" during perceive time differently than we do. They remind people in a twilight state that live, breathe, hear and feel, but do not take so much, if only exist in the hereafter. They see no way you or I do.
Were very few of the team members who participated in the experiment … Most lost his mind, one simply disappeared "through" the wall of his apartment in front of his wife and child. Two other members of the team "ignited", ie they are "frozen" and lit up when dragged small lifeboat compasses.
The experiment itself was absolutely successful. To the crew, he acted fatally. "
Allende himself watched from the deck of the Philadelphia Experiment warship "Andrew Fyurest" Jessup described Allende began to investigate the event and, according to him, has found evidence to support the recognition of a retired sailor. Soon, however, Jessup died under mysterious circumstances. The official version of his death — suicide. In this archive scientist disappeared.
Still other researchers of the "Rainbow" by Charles Berlitz and William Moore, who created a series of books about UFOs and other unexplained natural phenomena, as a result of its investigation hypothesized that in the conduct of the Philadelphia Experiment involved aliens. Some other researchers, for example, U.S. Air Force Colonel Donald retired Kremner, consider the experiment a hoax.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. World of the unknown »№ 5 2012

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