Victor Yakubyan: Do enemy reference Fri between Russia and Iran is not coming

Victor Yakubyan: Do enemy strong point between Russia and Iran have no futureOur homeland Iran and withstood the pressure from the West. This statement was made in the old days in Minsk minister of foreign affairs of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi. "In connection with the election of President Vladimir Putin, we are very positive about the prospects for Russian-Iranian relations," he highlighted. Drawing parallels between valid substantially parallel to the presidential elections in Russia and the parliament in Iran, the head of Iran's diplomacy, said: "In particular, great attention to the elections in Iran have paid the Western countries and the Western media, the negative interference in the elections which brought directly the opposite effect to that for which counted the Western press . Such reactions only contribute to the growth of enthusiasm in Iranian society to the election — the polls come 64% of the voters. has been seen that in fact the same situation exists in the elections to the Russian Federation: Western pressure has led only to unite the patriotic forces of the country that voted contrary to what wished opponents of the Russian Federation. "

While President-elect Vladimir Putin received congratulations from the heads of states and governments of many countries in the world, managing of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili spoke pointedly, "in the Russian Federation in the criteria of its current government does not and can not be forthcoming, as now Our homeland is building the past. "" Whatever choices she (Our Fatherland — VJ) or conducted, the criteria in the current government RF there is no future, because they build the past, mentally and restore their country back "- said Mikhail Saakashvili, and explained that" the Russian Federation is trying to regain control of the Soviet empire in the guise of a Eurasian Union. "

Regarding the content of the Saakashvili's statements, it is necessary to clarify that the Russian empire was was based on communist ideology, outstanding and ardent advocates of which there were many fellow citizens Saakashvili himself.

The Georgian president is currently in the usual style of juggling concepts and stamps, knowing that the Eurasian alliance is based, first, on the economic integration of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This is the political integration of adjacent countries, based on mutual economic benefit. In other words, with the same success Saakashvili could claim that there is no future in the Euro union, united around of the same economic outlook. And in this case, it may be, would have been right, given the disparate resource potential of 2-unions.

In general, critical to the Eurasian Union could be joining him in Ukraine. Then he became one of the largest in the world economic players, tremendous market with common rules of the game. What's so shocking? Clearly, neither of which the latest Sovietization of Ukraine, in this case the question. Putin himself in the 1st of his own speeches said that the decision to join the integration projects with Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus — "sovereign choice"Independent Ukraine. And this choice of Kiev almost everything depends, including the fate of Georgia itself, which in the reign of Viktor Yushchenko — the godfather Saakashvili — had a very different geopolitical potential, if now. Ukraine, which was given to understand that membership in the European alliance it does not shine, now faces the very common question — either an alliance with Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, or loss of basic economic sovereignty. emphasize economic, not political. Though, for one will certainly be different.

For Georgia, the loss of sovereignty — passed by step. "Whatever the election or spent … Our homeland" — says Saakashvili. Let us recall the elections were carried out in the near future in Georgia. Civilians clashes, assassinations and dispersals of rallies with human victims — an essential attribute of all the latest electoral processes in the country. The upcoming parliamentary election is also not bode quite good. Saakashvili will face massive opposition bloc, a constructed his former "purse" — billionaire Bidzina Ivanishivili. It must be stated that the political poles, all substantive political fighting in Georgia, can now be formed and maintained around the 2-components — the money earned in RF (Patarkatsishvili Ivanishvili) or funds and political support for the United States (Saakashvili). Nothing of their own over the years, Georgia has not given birth and are unlikely to give birth. For "facade democracy" and "transitional economies" — the emptiness and lack of ability to maneuver.

Talking about the "mentality" of, the Georgian president says nothing about the mentality of most Georgia — assimilated by the British language is as feverishly as in Russian during the Russian language, and delivering "cannon fodder" in Afghanistan, as if there was the collapse of the Soviet Union at all.

Immediately after the elections in Russia, Mikhail Saakashvili went on an official visit to Azerbaijan, where he said that "the development of Georgia is obtained thanks to the help we get from Azerbaijan." "In other words, it means the independence of Azerbaijan and the independence of Georgia," Saakashvili highlighted.

Indeed, after the war in August 2008 Georgia was able to stand on their own feeble legs only with the support of Turkey and Azerbaijan, quite lost with all this, the chances of a return of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This is the main "reward" Saakashvili to its people, not counting the distribution of U.S. corn, which is not risen.

And now Georgia's sovereignty is guaranteed as it ensures the transit of Azeri territory of hydrocarbons in Turkey, as the promotion of U.S. policy objectives in the Caucasus.

Nothing has changed in the region. Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey and Russia-Armenia-Iran perpendicular to each other forms the political axis. And in a more complex and vulnerable now reside Georgia and Armenia — by definition crotch links. Any configuration in this configuration make Georgia a target or an outsider regional competition. And it is a natural final policy at least some of the Georgian favorite, which building a business with Russia in a spirit of confrontation in the interest of the United States. Not to mention the fact that it cuts off those channels meaningful political dialogue with Iran.

Because Georgia in the criteria of its current government does not and can not be the future, because now it is building the future, and not even the past (by the way, is very busy and successful period in Russian). Georgia is building an enemy strong point between Russia and Iran, which will be destroyed in any case, even if it leads to crash the entire region. And best of all Americans understand it, stubbornly calling for Saakashvili to make bridges of communication with Russia. And irritation Saakashvili, apparently due specifically to the fact that it fails to comply with this instruction own overseas chefs. And after the election of Putin, who made everything possible to elections in Russia were almost on the screens of millions of personal computers in the world, this request is for Saakashvili and quite impossible.

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