Victoria Nuland said that our home, selling a tool of Syria, adding fuel to the fire

Victoria Nuland believes that Russia selling arms to Syria, "adding fuel to the fire"U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland said, in effect, that our homeland, selling tool Syria, adding fuel to the fire. She said this to journalists at a press briefing held on March 2.

She argued its position that the United States never delivered tool Syria. Washington has about 10 years assures the Russian Federation to review the reasonableness of this trade instrument. In particular, the Americans insist hot Russian arms sales to end after the start of the current crisis, including after the "massacre in Homs." "Our promise as clear, — said Nuland, — They play a terrible role, adding fuel to the fire. "

In addition, our homeland, according to the views of Newland, should use its influence in order to put an end to the armed conflict in Syria.

She said that the humanitarian crisis in Syria — the problem is very acute, and the South American Department of State, Hillary Clinton, and all Americans hope that for the sake of humanity Our homeland will do everything possible to end the conflict.

B. Nuland at the briefing confirmed that South American authorities continue to engage in dialogue with the authorities of the Russian Federation "at all levels" — in Moscow and in New York (at the United Nations). Nuland said that the recent statements of the Russian Federation on the humanitarian situation in Syria "better than the previous." According to her, they "give some hope for the future."

Recall that for a whole year, from March 2011, in Syria last confrontation opposition to government authorities, threatening to rise in civilian war. According to UN estimates, armed conflict claimed the lives of at least the last 5.4 million people., and the best part — the civilians face. Need to see that the Syrian opposition estimates the death toll of 7.5 million people., While the authorities confirmed the death of 2-thousand soldiers and police officers at the hands of armed terrorists.

In January of this year, the Arab League issued a resolution plan Syrian conflict. The plan foresaw the transfer of power, Bashar al-Assad and Vice-President of the creation of a government of national unity. This plan was put into the base of a draft resolution the UN Security Council, which was not adopted because veto of China and Russia, who feared that this document can serve as a pretext for military intervention in Western countries conflict.

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