Video clip, the U.S. Air Force helicopter fires slum in Baghdad

The first time I watched the video, the second time you listened only ether.

Awesome perfected a technique of communication / control. On the surface, wiretapping ether 4-storey, "arrows" to coach so their controllers and do not need to push, they beg them to give palnut, and only those they say — yes. Three times the air out one operas with specific English accent. What Briton is not a fact, it is already necessary to cut, clean, and listen to, but not an ordinary man.

On the air so much "between the lines" of course that such an option simply tekuha and the situation has long been run. Silent "reported" that the instruments do not have that RPG is not, and threw code. As determined that "under the" body of the camera down and not an RPG journalist ("not otstrelenny") kidanuli comment "shoot that bastard." Fotik journalist they can not stand as well as a "hello" from the Kalash.

For the entire video is not one-frame with a tool in the hands or on the ground. I have every seen enough, and if that really happened was a shootout that everything else can be had to close his eyes, the war, but this is not a war but a place of intentional wrongdoing.

Video No need to look and listen, 70% of the batch in the air talks.

Well mate, koschyunstvo, riding Hamer's bodies, laughter and satisfaction from it all, and so on, but when given orders to evacuate the wounded girls out in a military hospital and distributed to throw in a "local" clinic, it is the sentence of death, and her wound to the stomach. They naturally do not need documents in a military hospital for wounded girls with "some" of the operation.

With all of this on the air at first read as one of the injured girls, and later on the 2-means one probably died on the spot, expects Owned when the air was a longish pause, and later suffered a body. In this scenario, the policy finishing off the wounded very reason of concern, there are no documents — no showdown, and the dead bodies onto a truck and meet.

Spice so pilots will listen to those interestno. part of the ether pilot / gunner Apaches. There was a failure pickup guns, and three trug moment when the shooter was entangled in the system and did not realize what was happening. 'Professional pilot / gunner Apache is missing, but the desire to kill and kill to have their say on the 5 + and executed with undisguised relish.

Professionalism in the command and control of the operation of stripping, but I wish them sluhanut if they would have met real resistance, the air would have stood op, yes putannitsa solid mat, and then that "exchange" to one side, just look at his not so shmalnuli.

If the Iraqis will acquire EW MANPADS, anti-tank RPG yes + all venture during the year.

And the joke is the fact that the campaigner that this video and information conveyed (SPC Bradley Manning) merged the "last" cracker (I read operas) Adrian Lamo. His Tipo fedy for testicular took so he sings, but something that I rented to him-that
judge will not be a featured as a witness.

In the U.S. military arrested, who published the video with the shooting of civilians in Baghdad slum.

In the U.S., intelligence officer arrested, which gave the website Wikileaks scandal video, which the U.S. Air Force helicopter rassrelivaet peaceful inhabitants in Baghdad. The incident occurred in July 2007, as a result of shelling killed 12 people, including two journalists.
22-year-old Bradley Manning served 40 km from Baghdad, where he was about 2-weeks back was detained. According to the 1st of the relatives of the young man, he is currently under arrest in Kuwait, but was not formally charged, reports

The U.S. military had lost its copy of the scandalous video.

Manning's lead on the federal government gave the United States the last attacker Adrian Lamo, with whom the young man he met on the Web at the end of last month. During the online chat Manning told his own interlocutor that gave the infamous video website Wikileaks, adding: "What would you do if you had access to hidden networks for 14 hours a day, seven days a week for more than eight months? "
In addition, he added that he had given at the disposal of the portal are three hidden material, including video of the air attack in 2009 on the village of Guarani in Iraq, which Wikileaks reported earlier. In the course of the attack were killed about 100 civilians inhabitants, with most of them — the kids. The Pentagon released a report on the incident in the past year, but declined to provide video media.
In addition, young military threatened that have already passed the website 260 thousand diplomatically hidden messages, but the evidence of this fact yet. In one of the messages Manning wrote: "Hillary Clinton and several thousand other diplomats around the world earn a heart attack if one day wake up in the morning and find out that all the hidden foreign data base available to the general public."
Neither the State Department nor the FBI could not give any comment on the matter. Information that Manning was detained, said the attacker himself Lamo, who passed it, that this FBI agent said at a meeting on May 27, when he received a copy of the correspondence between Lamo and Manning.
The last attacker told that now experiencing diverse feelings, because he was always open to dialogue with other hackers, listened to their stories and never give them to the authorities. But this time, he admitted that he felt that the acts of the young people can be safe for U.S. national security.
Manning's cousin, with whom he lived in the U.S. for the first time learned of the arrest from reporters last week. The last time she beheld him in January this year, when he had a vacation. He describes it as quite a measured and intelligent young man with a natural born talent in the computer field and intrigued by world politics.
She also told that he had to call her and the days of giving p_arol from its own page on the social networking site Facebook, asked him to write it on behalf of the subsequent: "Some of you may have heard that I was detained for uncovering hidden disk imaging. See CollateralMurder . com ". Soon she called representatives of the military and explained that Manning is under arrest in Kuwait.

WikiLeaks (Help)

WikiLeaks stands for complete freedom of speech on the web and publish their own page on any material, including acquired as a result of leakage of some important disk imaging sources.
In 2008, the Tribunal of the South American state of California decided to close access to the start address, but after a while the same tribunal changed the verdict and has permitted the website to come back in the online space.
The creators of the Web site more than once complained pripiraniya by the U.S. government and the authorities of other countries. They they say that it is connected with the work of Web-site, such as the publications of juicy material.

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