Viktor Orban: Komsomol activist, anti-Soviet, Soros scholarship, football, nationalist and prime minister

Viktor Orban: Komsomol activist, anti-Soviet, Soros scholarship, football, nationalist and prime ministerBorn in 1963, Viktor Orban, now Prime Minister of Hungary, and part-time professor football player, graduated from high school with an English bias, graduated at the Faculty of the Budapest Institute, 2 years later received a scholarship from the Foundation Mr. Soros and finished Oxford.

This is it, the last secretary of the Komsomol organization of the school, in 1988, was at the forefront of the party "Fides", which is now ruled in Hungary (though rapidly losing popularity). In 1989, great feeling, how and where the wind is blowing, and realizing that this is the real Wind of Change, Viktor Orban spoke against the presence of Russian troops in Hungary. In that year, for him it was nothing, and said troops withdrew in 1991. Timely performance of the young and hot opposition allowed him to quickly make a political career: after year he was elected to parliament. This enterprising man was able to lead the party, "Fides" to victory in parliamentary elections in 1998 — and at age 35 became the Prime Minister of Hungary.

Orban — the politician the right (on the verge of "ultrapraviznoy") sense. Its objectives were: rapprochement with NATO accession of Hungary to the EU, lower taxes (while reducing the social costs) — that is, the policy of economic liberalism deal with Russia, according to the statements of the young Orban — remnants of the past, with Orban, Hungarian nationalism grew stronger, which developed from the struggle for the rights of minorities abroad, and the revival of the "old spirit" to nedavneshney glorification of Admiral Horthy.

When it joined NATO Hungary (now Orban supports the creation of the European missile defense and becomes committed to expanding the Alliance) and tried to join the EU (the reasons in 1999 were: decreased inflation — in general, nekordinalno: from 15% to 10% per year, and decreased a little the unemployment rate. But Hungary joined the EU only in 2004). Orban made a free college education. Hence, perhaps, from social programs, and not just from the "imperial ambitions" and autocratic, took roots political nickname Orban: "Hugo Chavez of Europe." There is also a second nickname: "Right Hugo," whose authorship is attributed to the deputy of the European Parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit. And another political nickname "Viktator."

In 2002, "Fides" received only 26% of the vote. Orban was irrelevant. But what is to Orban "out of business"? He remembered the youth and went into opposition to oppose the ruling coalition. In 2006, he criticized the Prime Minister Gyurcsany. The occasion was not necessary to find: in the budget could not afford. Just behind the public performance of opposition Orban in Budapest massacre and fires.

And in 2008, the year came the global monetary crisis. Orban again masterfully played on the instrument empty treasury. In May 2010 he came to power in Hungary together with the party "Fides" (54% of the vote, two-thirds of the parliament), speaking at the elections in alliance with the Christian Democrats. Spent eight years in opposition, this time Viktor Orban was not going to part with power.

He is balancing between populism and nationalism, rewrote the constitution (new version was approved by parliament later year Orban's premiership and entered into force on 1 January 2012).

Axel Gildas about it writes"In the evening Mon, January 2, on the streets of Budapest to the rally against Prime Minister Viktor Orban left about 70,000 people — a significant amount for this malehankih country with a population of 10 million, where political rallies — uniqueness. While on Andrassy Avenue in front of the Opera House and waving slogans denouncing the authoritarian slant head of the government, telecom showed footage … deserted avenue with only a cordon of police! Crude, but effective manipulation: the province, far from the capital, millions of Hungarians gaze only state television. "

From now on, the last ideologue Hungary's EU membership began to speak in the language which in the EU and in general to the tolerant Westerners do not understand.

In-1's, the newest version of the constitution Orban struck the homosexuals of all stripes and colors that Western liberals, particularly a certain Herr of Germany, did not like it. Hillary Clinton has also joined with the caveat: it Orban, revised basic law the country had violated the rights of sexual minorities, defining marriage as an alliance of men and ladies.

In-2, from this moment is that the Hungarian people united by God ("God bless the Hungarians"). It also does not like the West: how tolerance? Religious freedom?

B-3, the country banned abortions and premature release for serious crimes.

Fourthly, the Prime Minister conveyed to the end of the law-nationalist ideas. The emblem Hungary steel crown and mace Saint Stephen I, and the preamble of the constitution defines as the successor of Hungary Magyar country, which is opaque hints at the possible territorial claims Orban to many countries, from Slovakia to Romania. The title "Republic of Hungary" shortened to "Hungary".

In the context of the policy of revanchism and clearly emerges. Not so long ago in Hungary, Orban's efforts and "Fides" in alliance with the far-right party "Jobbik" was rehabilitated ally of Hitler, Admiral Horthy (regent of the kingdom at the time). This figure has left traces in the following stories: When it was decided the position of the "interest rate" in institutions (1920), he was a supporter of the voluntary approach and then an alliance with Hitler's regime in (1930.), With Horthy in 1938 -1941 years. adopted three anti-Jewish law, after all, sending in 1944 about 435,000 Jews in the concentration camps, which Horthy in the same year was sorry — also award admiral.

In school programs from Orban were included in the works of Albert Vass and Joseph Niro (ultra-writers). Niro is known for having praised Goebbels and sat in Parliament during the "Arrow Cross".

Logical and became the new law, which condemned the atrocities of communism — directed not so much against the "crimes" of which the young Orban broadcast in 1989, as against the Socialist Party, which was in the ruling coalition to a second premiership Orban (it's her he was the opposition). In fact, by law, be imposed on the party responsible for the atrocities of the communist regime before 1989.

In the past year, the Hungarian Parliament allowed the simplified function of obtaining citizenship to all ethnic Hungarians living abroad. It was about Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia. With the latest state from Orban's friends did not go out, "Viktator" famous for being on a trip to Slovakia in 2011, said: "The Slovak law no one cares." Concern for the EU member states has caused and the fact that Slovakia has now lived 0.6 million ethnic Hungarians (11% of the population).

Nationalistic populism, but it did not help Orban and his party, "Fides" began to lose ratings. Perhaps the probable association "Fides" with ultra, which they say in Hungary — another attempt to raise the popularity.

To save power, Orban has enforced a new electo
ral law. With this 2-year tours in the elections can not be, reduced the number of members of parliament, in essence, the law destroys the small parties.

Freedom of expression of views on a wide variety of Western missionaries freedoms, Viktor Orban suffocates more thoroughly than the "frenetic Hugo" from Venezuela. However, the closing of an opposition radio station "Klubradio" explained not by censorship reasons, and winning the tender for the broadcasting frequency. The media can also find reports that during the reign of Orban's been laid off 600 employees-wing opposition press. And adopted a law on "the objectivity of information", which is considered to be censored.

At the same time Orban dismissed the old judges. Now in Hungary can become a judge only, provided that you do not for more 62 years.

As writes Axel Gildas, the Prime Minister "appoint people close to the posts in the economic sector, the police, the army and even at the State Opera, often for a period of 9 to 12 years, in the hope of perpetuating a" system Orban "in the event that its designer leave the political scene … "But thanks to the laws and to his people in the system — do not come down.

Do not be surprised at the fact that the Prime Minister himself trampled under the Hungarian central bank. Chairman of the Central Bank can not appoint himself to deputies, it has been the prime minister. At the Board of Directors of the Central Bank also felt Orban's hand: the people there are appointed by Parliament in what sets the tone, "Fides."

In addition, bankers in Hungary since 2012 are taxed at 0.5% of total assets. In the U.S., a similar tax is 0.15%, and in almost all countries, it is even less. Orban explained to a tax reluctance to cut social spending.

In just one year in Hungary was adopted two laws, except for the amendments to the constitution.

Whatever read Orban, like it or rewrite financial rules, the constitution and laws (the latest innovations are equated with criminals, vagrants and criminals an opportunity to vote for their parents to children), Hungary, which is under the supervision of the IMF, all deeply bogged down in a swamp the economic crisis. In the I quarter of 2012, Hungary's GDP declined by 1.3%, showing the worst result in the EU after the "leadership" in the decline of Greece.

Loss of independence of the central bank is contrary to the principles of the EU. Angela Merkel, for example, undertaking Orban did not approve. In addition, Hungary came to an unsecured line of monetary bankruptcy. The outcome of the "reform" but a negative reaction the EU are: the increase in consumer prices in Hungary and protests.

"I am Hungarian, and trained in Kiev — writes One of the readers' "Strategic Culture Foundation», Jano. — I can say that the average person lives worse than under socialism. No Russian industry no. Of the 12 plants was one sweet! 70% sugar import! No Globus-and, Ikarus-and, Videoton-and, MOM-a, etc. Yes, the roads are excellent, yes, a lot of entertainment centers, but a lot of cars, yes, you can freely travel the world. But there is no spirituality, linden value of life, dying village and the village — this is the gene pool of civilization. In the doldrums, many families were ruined, the level of education at the lowest level! "

Another user, Varvara, adds to this that "schools in the Hungarian countryside, the government can not have, it just gives the Catholic Church …" There is and such readers that directly refer Orban protege Masonic circles and the Soros Foundation. On the "positive role" of "Viktatora" they say they like the "myth" and unfounded "propaganda."

Thinking about the future electoral campaigns, the emperor right reformer in November 2011 asked the legitimate means at a piggy bank and all the reformers obeschateley future happiness — the IMF, and along with the European Commission, so as Hungary is in the EU. And there has long awaited his requests. This week the commission of these 2-profit institutions in Budapest. That meeting was accomplished, Orban, quickly losing popularity in the country, sacrificed his amendments to the laws, including and the Hungarian Central Bank.

The talks will focus on the loan of $ 18.3 billion. U.S. Loan purpose: to improve the economic situation in the country. Hungary may receive funds no earlier than October, and faster — at the end of the year.

Economists «Bank of America» Raffaella Tenkoni and May Doan they say"Orban needs a loan in order to provide for themselves re-election in 2014. This is the last opportunity to strengthen the economy and to score points before the campaign, unless, of course, the negotiations will end before the end of the summer. Their delay increment the default risk of the economy in 2013-2014. "

In pursuit of the means for the correction of the economy Orban at the end of January 2012 said"I am cruel only when it is required of me to the interests of my country, and I go for a compromise when it require me to the interests of the Hungarian people." Realizing that rushed to the reforms of the laws and the judicial system, Orban promised to Europe completely rework the three positions of the modern constitution — of the central bank, an agency for the protection of personal data and on the age of the arbitrators. This, he said, would be made "easy, simple and fast."

It's cool Orban broke with his party supports ultra "Jobbik", which generally sought withdrawal from the European Union (reasonable and entirely in the spirit of the nationalists). But "Viktator" ready to agree with the EU and IMF and "easy, simple and quick" return the laws in their place, was very much looks like a political chameleon.

In general, he passed "perestroika" way of Komsomol secretary to the enemy of communism and the Soviet Union, has always been a chameleon. Among those most chameleons are many scratching their language on TV, but which disappear "Icarus" and "Globes". And for that looming An old person of George Soros.

By the way: Orban — no not Hugo Chavez. Venezuela rises up, and Hungary — down. Chavez is popular, and Orban — no. A loan from the IMF, as indicated by a global practice, unless you do not oil (like Chavez or as another autocrat — Comrade Putin's KGB), does not lead to increased prosperity and well-being, and new loans from the IMF.

For the 2014 elections, like Mr Orban or twisted the laws and the constitution, "Fides" does not shine. Will have to "Viktatoru" from prime ministers to go to football coaches: the experience of such work he has.

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