Village townhouses Bremen

Residents of large cities are lacking in peace and clean air.

That is why today so relevant and popular with the sale of land or a country cottage with a contract for the construction of their own home. People who live in the modern cottage villages in the suburbs no longer feel cut off from civilization by sound infrastructure and all necessary communications.

If you decide to buy a cottage in Moscow and Moscow region, it makes sense to carefully prepare for this step, after analyzing the real estate market and its features. Also need to determine the area where you want to buy a house or land.

For example, near the capital near the town of Marino is a quiet and cozy village townhouses Bremen. He is just eight kilometers from Moscow to Kiev and Kaluga highway in one of the most eco-friendly districts and is quite unique theme village. Bremen feature is that all the buildings are designed in the same style and stylized in the German town of Bremen in the architecture and the overall color scheme area. Townhouses built on advanced technologies of the traditional building materials with proven designs for centuries.

Townhouses first appeared in the 19th century in Britain, and in English the word translated as "house in town." Townhouses are a complex of comfortable low-rise buildings, which are combined with one another side walls. Each cottage has its own entrance and garage, and sometimes pretty little garden. In such houses settled small family of aristocrats and high bourgeoisie.

Modern townhouses are comfortable cottages with a full range of communications. Besides the fact that every home is let down by the water, electricity, gas, and sewer. Basic power elektropodachi set the rate of not less than 5 kW per house, which allows simultaneous operation of multiple appliances. In the settlement with heating by gas boilers. Each has its own combustion equipment and boiler providing hot water.

With these facilities in your house will always be warm, and you will not face the problem of lack of hot water. In addition, the village has established all the phone networks and high speed Internet. Townhouses Bremen provided with everything necessary for a comfortable and quiet life with his family and surrounded by friends. After buying several townhouses at a time, you can count on certain discounts and privileges.

The village is laid out internal roads and wound up communication. Street lighting is working around the clock and you do not have to worry about the safety at all times, because in addition to its own security in Bremen even has its public transport. Next to Bremen River Dunno, on the picturesque banks of which the villagers are able to relax in nature, fish and enjoy the peace and quiet of country living.

Due to the fact that each townhouse has a garden, you can grow your own hands the beautiful flowers in the flower bed near the house, and then enjoy their beauty and fragrance to the late fall. Near the village is a wonderful pine-deciduous forest full of mushrooms and berries. What could be more pleasant summer walks in the shade? In winter, you can improve your health, if you daily walk in the fresh air and to breathe oxygen-enriched healing scents of pine and fir trees.

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