Vladikavkaz: collecting guns in fashion

Vladikavkaz: collecting weapons in fashion

Collect gun — One of the modern hobby of real wealthy people of. Is no exception — the inhabitants of Vladikavkaz. The purpose of the person acquiring such things is to inform the public and the development of cognitive interest in people. Collectors are allowed to collect and store different types of guns: firearms, cool, gas and other types if he as an individual has received a license in the internal affairs Russian Federation. You will be registered as a collector, if you have more than 5 items of guns. In this case it can be stored in the firing condition.
Not all types of guns are allowed collect. You can not store illegal activities in the country, tool, shot with weapons and ammunition. To purchase a license an individual must provide to the police documents proving his identity and a statement written in a certain form. Be sure to provide a list of tools, while it is under license registration. Also accompanied by all documents to resolve the storage for each item from the list. Collector should delay the gun only at the place of residence and under certain conditions: store it in a safe or in a box under lock and key. The government, in turn, produces timely control — to this end, police officers visit the place of residence of the collector according to the list and inventory tools are not seldom the 1st time in a year.
Collectors often visit exhibitions tools, exchanging experiences. In most cases, they come in a huge campus. If, for example, you are driving ScS Vladikavkaz to Moscow, buy your tickets in time for the train to Moscow prices are much lower than airfares. Such exhibitions are very necessary for beginners to collectors, because they can behold the unique specimens also provide useful information on how to store guns. And even a novice can claim for themselves and make useful contacts.
Also book train tickets to Vladikavkaz price you can find out in advance before departure to Moscow. If you made a purchase guns at the show, you will be able to fulfill its transportation in this case, if you have the permission of the Ministry of Culture, which has put on record a new item to your collection.
Collect tool in Russia is very prestigious, but it needs to faithfully follow all the laws of the country.

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